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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Tools of Interactive Self-Hypnosis - Part 2

You already know that when your life is disordered on the outside, your inner landcape is also disordered. Now you are ready to work inside "containment images." You are becoming more talented at advanced life lessons & subconscious mind programming... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht


We need an over-arching image that will encompass all areas of your life. This is a major containment. I like to utilize an image of a goal-den path, with separate gardens for each major life area. I’ve presented an image above that represents my inner over-arching image. I teach this image to my patients and students. It seems to work quite well. Once this major containment is in place, the next step is to fill in the details “as if” you already had all of these present in your life. This is called future-pacing and is a major subconscious mind program. The more specific you can be, the better your outcomes will be for the mind will have more to work with. Remember, this is a work in progress. You will continually be adding to it.

In the drawing of my goal-den path you can see the positioning of the separate goal gardens. Notice how the major garden sits on it’s own. This is not just important when managing addictions. It is crucial for high level health and optimum performance in any area of life.

The bricks are twenty-four carat gold, sparkling their value. Beautiful gardens emerge on each side of the path, each having a signpost. The gardens extend back to the horizon, filled with flowers of every conceivable variety and color. The plants are healthy, the colors vibrant. These plants represent my achievements, my resilience, as well as my new desired goals. I image my feet standing on the path, sensing them tingle from the sparkling gold. I look up at the sky, noticing a few clouds moving slowly, feeling the heat of the sun touching my face gently, coupled with the coolness of a slight breeze. I enjoy allowing my body to fill with feelings of happiness, expectation of good things to come, including the total management of any specific addictions or disorderly behaviors I may have in my life.

I then sit quietly, allowing all of this to settle inside of me. Each time I repeat this in the theater of my mind, my subconscious mind programs the changes. It doesn’t matter what my current reality is. The mind will prefer the newly designed images and will work to bring those into my life. That’s why positive details are so very important, even if they sound ridiculous.

Remember, mind imagery or sensing is different from actual experiences, but your subconscious mind will follow what you present “as being true.” Be as detailed as you can, knowing that each time you do, these very programs will be etched further into your subconscious mind. Do not worry if you feel awkward or feel like nothing is happening. Be patient with the process and you will receive the benefits. I like to use my journal for this purpose. Writing the details down, further etch them into the subconscious mind.


It’s time to design the separate gardens. Place an image at the top of your journal page, and follow with your detailed explanation. No need to be an artist. When I began inner organizing my life in this way I simply drew an empty rectangle to cue in my subconscious mind. If you like to think in action video, design a movie.

The master garden is called the Mind & Body Health Garden. This garden houses all of the body part “plants”. Without good care in this garden, the other life-area gardens will have difficulty flourishing. Notice that you can read the names of the plants on the little signs. To the side of the garden is a table with a big watering can. This holds your "solution." The ingredients are listed on a piece of paper next to the watering can. Read them. They include high level nutrition, self-disciplined eating, body communication, emotional management and goal setting. Go ahead and water some of your plants. Now turn and look at the gardens to your left. Each time you care for your Master Garden, the plants and flowers in all other gardens flourish as well, and so whenever you come to the goal-den path you will always stop by and water your Master Garden.

You have just completed a subconscious mind program for caring for your body at high levels and managing any disorderly eating patterns you may have accumulated over the years. The subconscious mind is very effective and efficient, developing goal action plans from simple active imagery. At any time during the day, deepen slightly with your dial, tilt your eyes up and see yourself applying solution to the Master Garden. The more you etch, the deeper the program, the higher your rate of success.

INTERACTIVE AFFIRMATION - I make my mental images work & produce for me.

Always relax deeply before planting an affirmation. Remember, once they are planted, then you can pull them up rapidly "right in the moment". The words "work & produce" are adapt well to the garden image. Climb up into the image you have chosen & see/sense yourself working & producing. Allow your imagination to befriend you here. Learn to play in the theater of your mind. Bring forth the sensation of a positive emotion that enhances the imagery & then enhance the physiological sensation of the emotion. This is key in deepening the etching of the affirmation.

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