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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Subconscious Mind Assistants

Automatic programming is continually taking place, & so we need to call on "inner mind assistants" to help us through this very important work... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Help.....My Life is Killing Me! is a practical how to book focused on healing & managing the huge number of out of control lives that are rapidly going towards chronic & killer diseases, as well as emotional breakdown. Follow along as I write this book, based on my decades of work with patients, employees, employers, as well as clients in my office & workshops....


Here we are working with specific mind images for inner organization, emotional & thought management. Relax into the moment....taking your time to do so. Remember you don't have to be in deep trance to work hypnotically, but the more relaxed you are the better, especially in the beginning. As you practice more & more, it will be easier to enter the subconscious mind quickly. Competitive athletes are good examples of individuals who do this all the time. It's called the "mind game."

After reading this, I'd like you to close your eyes gently, tilting them up about 20 degrees. There is your mind screen. And now, I'd like you to develop an image of your subconscious mind librarian or inner assistant. Both are great images & work very well here in the thoughtWARE workshop, as well as in active life. This assistant will be your first line of command in asking for what you want & need in any given moment.


Thoughts, mind pictures & inner radio that play continually form directives or orders in your conscious mind. In hypnosis these are called suggestions. Some of these are useful to you & others are not. Some are related to current work & others are not. Your inner assistant will help to keep inner order based on your specific requests. Keep in mind that your subconscious filing cabinet is huge. Besides your automatic programs, you have an unlimited number of choices that may be better suited to meeting your needs in any particular situation. Your assistant can bring these to your attention if you give directives for that. In your work here, you will learn how to wake up, assess what’s playing & make a program switch if appropriate.

As you learn your way around your “inner filing cabinet & subconscious library” you will find many different kinds of files that can be utilized to meet your needs. Here among other things you will find past experience files, as well as future files that haven't even happened yet. With a little practice will be able to see how these connect with your belief systems & effect current daily health patterns.

Once again, you may find some to be helpful, but others may actually be blocking current goals. This holds true for past experiences or beliefs, as well as those you may have already placed in future files. This is called future pacing & can work for you or against you. Later on in the thoughtWARE Workshop, you will find an entire chapter dedicated to working with your past & future time-line.

The subconscious mind library is vast & filled with tremendous resources, ready for you to access when you know how to do so. As you are well aware, everything is not positive, but do know that everything is useful. Interactive self-hypnosis will help you to disassociate & to enter your editing mind-set. You are now ready to become the writer, director & producer of your life. As you become better & better at becoming aware, locating areas for re-programming & having your desires designed in the special image & emotional format that is clearly understood by your subconscious mind, you are ready to change course, right in the moment.


I invite you to look over my shoulder, as I help workshop participants & clients in my office. This will give you an opportunity to see the above learning in action.

John: I think I understand what is past & what is not. I'm quite clear about what I don't want. Why doesn’t my subconscious mind know the difference & respect this?

Remember the earlier Workshop entries on Brain Cloud? John doesn't seem to be aware of his responsibility in forming his Brain Cloud from the images he plays in his mind. He is also not aware of the personal power he has in respect to what he is currently experiencing in his life.

The subconscious mind does not judge & simply takes the most current mind pictures as the goal.. Like radar, it attracts like experiences from the outside world & also from the subconscious mind library. This is goal reinforcement. The more frequently you play a particular mind program, whether you want it or not, the stronger the mind etching. This is how habits & fully-designed negative mind programs are constructed.

Let's go ahead & design an automatic mind program that will pre-instruct your subconscious mind to diminish a negative thought & replace it with a positive- goal-orientated program. This will all be orchestrated under the direction of your Inner Assistant or Coach.

Relax deeply into the moment....take your time. Locate your mind screen & place an image of something you don't want on the screen. Now dim it, just as if you turned the lights off. You can also diminish it........shrink it way back until it completely disappears. The mind screen is clear now, waiting for an active image of what you do want. Make it truly great & infuse it with positive excitement & expectation. Notice your "inner assistant" is making notes about this re-programming. Ask your "assistant" to find any & all similar programs & do the same.

John's mind programs are quite negative & have come to readily infect other areas of his life. A good example is his problem with boredom. He was actually surprised to identify this negative mind-state , because his job has some exciting aspects. But not all aspects were exciting. There is no job that I know about that is completely free of drudgery. As John investigated his work-related-boredom on his mind-screen, from the position of an "interested observer", he admitted through a veil of shame that he was also bored with fathering, being a husband, a neighbor & even sometimes being a friend. He feels so bad that in his own words, he feels like running away.

John needs to work within these images....diminishing what he doesn't want & editing-in what he prefers, even though these things are not happening right now. Remember, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination & reality & so it will take the new "emotionalized images" & develop an action plan for bringing them to John's reality. John will also ask his "inner assistants" to keep him aware of old behaviors & patterns, so he can bring them to his mind-screen & then edit them.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Addiction, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.