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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Working Through Brain Clouds - Part 1

Brain clouds are groups of negative mind programs that block your communication with your subconscious mind library. You & you alone are responsible for producing stress chemicals in your body that form the brain clouds & you also are responsible for diminishing them... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Here in our book thoughtWARE, you will be waking up to the many ways you produce these chemicals. The more awake you are, the more cloud material you will be able to see & sense. Each moment of self-awareness gives you the choice to diminish or release them. Most cloud material is diminished or released in small measures. Each time you become aware & choose to diminish a measure of cloud, you are actually re-programming your subconscious mind.

Stress chemicals are produced in many ways. Some are on automatic pilot & not we are not conscious of the production, but they are there nevertheless & need to be released. You will be learning how to do so in this reading adventure. Other stress producing moments are easier to find. For example, you place your body in food stress when you eat incorrectly for your specific body & mind needs. If you have a family medical history of diabetes or heart disease & you don't eat accordingly, your body will over-produce insulin & a host of other stress chemicals. This can also happen if you skip meals or don't eat sufficiently. When practicing inadequate nutrition you rob your body of the nutrients needed for the many different departments to function. This is very stressful on your body. Here you will learn how to correct this & to make better choices & less stress.

You produce stress chemicals when you practice emotional imbalance & negative thought patterns. If you are not awake & aware for these, you may not think to release them & to bring your body back into homeostasis or balance. This is why it is important to practice meditative tools even though you may not think you to do so. Later you will be learning how to release stress in just 1/200th of a second, so there is never an excuse of not having sufficient time.

You produce stress chemicals when you don't pay attention to your body communications such as fatigue that can appear in many different departments. Your head may ache, or your shoulders & back may feel tired & stiff. Your eyes may need a break, especially if you read a lot or view the computer screen. Your legs may report being stiff if you have been sitting for too long. Imagine for a moment that you are one of your body parts & no matter how you complain, your Self will not pay attention to you. In fact, your Self might answer your complaint of stress by actually adding more stress to your situation, such as eating a chocolate bar, drinking caffeine or smoking a cigarette.

You produce stress chemicals when you don't release stored stress throughout your day. Produce & store enough stress & you can produce a biochemical disaster or a major brain cloud. Over time, brain clouds can lead to many stress-related diseases & even cause death. Brain clouds are caused by high level stress chemical production that interfere with all functions of the mind & body.
These ominous clouds keep you away from utilizing your powerful & creative subconscious library & impede healing in the body departments. Brain cloud composition is different for each of us. As we stay aware & explore different areas of our day, some of the components of the cloud can change, but usually clouds lean towards mainly negative or positive compositions dictated by intact personality patterns.

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