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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Inner Mind Screen

You have a powerful resource called your Inner Mind Screen. Let me show you where it is located. After reading this, simply close your eyes very gently & tilt them up about 20 degrees, just as if you were sitting in the second row of a private movie theater....the mind screen is right in front of you... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

While the screen in the movie theater only shows you pictures, your private mind screen works like radar, pulling towards it anything that resembles or supports what you are playing on it, whether you want it or not. When negative thoughts are playing, then you will find more experiences coming to support those thoughts. If the thoughts are flavored by particular emotions, matching emotions will come forward to support those.

Let's have a look at Michael who is climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park & think about what he needs to be playing on his mind screen. If you were in Michael's place, think about what you would not want to be playing. Mike's outcomes will be based on what he thinks in active imagery, as well as what he plays on his internal radio station. Even very experienced climbers meet obstacles & should Mike have to confront any problematic areas, he will need to access his mind screen & communicate directly with his subconscious mind..

While you may not plan to climb any rocks, you & Mike have much in common & so it's very important to understand the power of your Inner Mind Screen, as well as how to utilize it to benefit you & your goals. As you explore the thoughtWARE blog, you will become an expert at managing this powerful resource.

Remember that when the brain wave numbers are up, so is the stress chemical production. To gain access to your Inner Mind Screen simply breathe from center, become quiet.....shhhh.....& then tilt your eyes up about 20 degrees & locate the screen.


In an earlier blog entry I discussed "brain clouds." This was also a popular subject at last night's workshop. Here's what one participant wanted to know.

How do Brain Clouds become so toxic? Where do the particles come from?

Well, they come directly from the Inner Mind Screen. All the Brain Cloud has to do is to open it's mouth & be fed off of the Mind Screen spoon.

You might remember my client Claire who tends to manufacture quite a bit of Brain Cloud during her day. She actually feeds it through her Inner Mind Screen images. Let's listen to Claire for a moment...

My Brain Cloud hangs over a big part of my life. I do have to admit that the cloud seems to follow me around. It's a very emotional cloud. It contains mood swings that just about drive me crazy. I never seem to know from one minute to the next how I am going to feel. I go from anger to rage quite quickly & this is especially frightening to me because most of this comes out at home. I tend to over-react to my children & husband I am sad & somewhat depressed or dysphoric to say the least. I feel helpless &also see my cloud as hopeless. Its been hanging over me for so long I don't know what a clear day would truly look like. I'm exhausted & so my cloud is exhausted. I see it as a cloud that is too tired to move along even when there is a breeze.

Claire's description makes it easy to see & sense her mind programs. Creative imagery is very important in implementing change. The Brain Cloud Image helps Claire to define what she is actually playing on her mind screen. Pay attention to her words. You can actually pinpoint where automatic pilot programs have truly taken over her life.

I sense that I am bored. This was very surprising to me because my job is quite exciting in some aspects. But there truly is boredom involved in this. I'm ashamed to say that I'm also bored with mothering, being a wife, a neighbor & even sometimes being a friend, although it does seem easier to be a friend than a wife. I could go on but it is truly embarrassing. In this same area I feel used & thankless & misunderstood. I feel like running away. I'm so glad we are doing this nasty business first. It is no wonder I could never stay on a diet or exercise plan with all of this toxicity floating around me. Strange as this may seem, writing this out is helping me to feel a bit better. I can now understand how journaling can help. I have worked with journaling in the past, but never for long & like with other areas in my life, I was bored with it & so stopped.

If we could sit in the back of Claire's theater, we would be able to view the myraid of images that play over & over again on her mind screen. Each of these images is chemically coated & it is these chemicals that play out in both her mind & body. As Claire re-etches these images over & over again, more & more chemicals are produced. Knowing this will help Claire to be able to take charge again & also to program her mind for what she truly wants to experience.

Claire needs to have a new nutritional plan, as well as to learn how to work with her powerful mind screen. If she were just to go ahead & change her nutrition, she would most likely hit resistance & fall down. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to succeed at new behaviors, especially when the Brain Cloud is big & the Mind Screen is busy etching negative mind programs laced with negative chemicals. Later on I'll be presenting new Mind Screen images for Claire & she will also begin designing her own, as well as connecting these to her already present inner motivating system.


1. Always download the material, so you can highlight those areas that your inner mind finds important for you to remember. Sometimes you may find that you will highlight a good part of the material & that is just fine. Your mind may also want to make some comments in the margins, so please do so. This is true mind & body communication. Remember, you are working with your Inner Mind for change & this Inner Mind is very intelligent & very resourceful.

2. Open your separate Journal & explore your brain cloud a bit further. Are there things that come to mind that you didn't write down earlier? Sometimes it takes awhile before the mind is willing to give up some of it's stored stressors. Look to the particles in your Brain Cloud & see if you can notice what kinds of programs you have a tendency to play on your Inner Mind Screen.

3. When we go deeper into Interactive Self-Hypnosis education, you will be able to discern the way your Mind Screen works in different areas of your life. Remember, the more awareness you can bring to this self-review, the more possibilities for change. Change can only happen when there is space for it.

Big Brain Clouds & negative Mind Screen programs, tend to block your ability to change. There is simply no room at the Inn. Consider how much change-space you have right now & think about how much you might like to have. I'd like to suggest that you draw an image to indicate this to your subconscious mind librarian.

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