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Friday, September 22, 2006

Planting Additional Gardens

Your subconscious mind is a fertile place. Plant what you want or you'll be sure to get whatever the wind blows in...
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

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You have just completed a subconscious mind program for caring for your body at high levels, as well as addressing the management of sugar addiction or other disorderly eating behaviors. It's important to know that the subconscious mind is very effective & efficient at developing goal action plans from simple active imagery.

Remember, whatever you place on your mind screen is seen as your goal of choice. Develop the habit of placing "end goal images". By this I mean image whatever you want "as if" you already had it. Fill it with emotion. This makes for a chemical connect that enhances the goal image.

At any time during the day, deepen slightly with your dial, tilt your eyes up, sensing yourself applying solution to the Master Garden. The subconscious mind knows what the solution is & so the more you etch, the deeper the program, the higher your rate of success.


The gardens on the opposite side of the path represent other areas of your life. One of the most important areas is your relationship with yourself. I see this garden as second only to the Master Garden. I suggest you image, or draw this a bit bigger than the other gardens, especially the other relationship gardens. This delivers an important message to your subconscious mind. It says that you are very important, and indeed you are.

Most people with addiction put others before themselves, even to the point of being totally co-dependent. As you begin to recover, it is important to bring balance to this area of your gardens. As you work with the Inner Coach part of this program, you will be making many changes in this area, so design it well.

This garden also houses the path to your past, right back to the day you were born, as well as your future path, right up to your last living moment. These are areas of high value for your recovery. I suggest that you design your gardens to your own specifications. Allow your creativity to flow. Think about describing a movie scene of your particular garden, paying attention to details, just as if you were decorating a room that was only for you in your current home. Later on we will be working with your past & future in the time-line chapter of this book. This will give you the opportunity to edit subconscious files from the past, as well as to plant new goals or ideas in your future.


You can decide on the positioning of your gardens. On my path I placed my relationship with my husband garden next to my relationship with myself. In this relationship, I have an internal area that is separate, but contained. This is because I work with my husband on projects, such as this one. I want my mind to understand this very clearly.

Just as in addiction or disorderly eating, there are many separate parts. The reason many of us feel over-whelmed is because we look at work as being a singular event. We tend to speak about it in the same way. We complain about it as a whole. This becomes a negative mind program, possibly leading to burnout. You already know how dangerous that can be, so be sure to take the facets into consideration when you write the details of your garden. Remember, you are writing positive details “as if” these were already happening. You are writing mind programs, instructing your subconscious mind to give you what you want.

Remember, the mind works backwards. Once it sees or senses what you want, it will provide the plans to make all facets come forward for you.