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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Self-Observing Through New Eyes

With super-busy lifestyles, it's not surprising that so many parents are asleep when it comes to meal planning & preparation. There is truly a lot to manage, especially when one hasn't been educated in the workings of the mind & body....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.


Once you begin to be super-aware of your disorderly eating patterns, as well as those of your family, it will become more obvious as to how nutritional intake connects up to emotions, level of wellness & achievement.

The next step is a visit to the supermarket. As you walk around observing through “new eyes”, it may seem like sugars, highly processed foods & high-glycemics are the only ones available, but a closer look will reveal healthier choices. Keep in mind that you can only see these choices if you choose to. Facing the truth here will give you power. You do know what is good & what is not. This idea that you don’t know what to eat is simply self-deception. This is a popular mind-game, one that gives permission to unhealthy behaviors for longer periods of time. This game motivates procrastination and down the path to a complicated future.

If you feel uneasy reading this, you are not alone. The choice is an individual one. No one can make you do anything, but do know that if you are not eating what your body needs, you will pay the price sooner or later. Keep in mind that if you don't change, neither will your family. You are a parent-mentor & you already know that by taking action now, you are avoiding major problems down the road. You also know that by taking action now you can utilize your mind in more productive ways, & this is very motivating.

It's time to make plans and a shopping list.

Oh.....a plan and a shopping list? Yes indeed. Now I'm not suggesting that you have to super-plan every step for the rest of your life, but you might need to do this until the new behaviors become second nature. But even after this, you will always need to plan.


Your mind & body & those of your family need specific foods each & every day in order to function, so obviously you need to have those foods in your home. You are now gaining control in one of the more challenging areas that you must confront in your journey to high level health & performance, as well as in freedom from addiction or management of unhealthy excess.
Believe it or not, you will come to love this feeling & this will be a new inner motivator for you.

As you motivate, you will become a motivator of others. You & they will no longer be at the mercy of the food manufacturers, fancy labels, packaging & other advertising gimmicks. But remember, your work must come first. As far as food manufactureres go, you will wake up to their “game” feelingyour self-confidence growing. You will become an experienced observer of the food manufacturing game instead of being caught in the web of deceitful advertising.

You are on your way, realizing that life experiences do become very different when you pay attention to this first step. This is not the place to be careless or sloppy. This is the place to focus on getting better & better at how you take care of yourself first & your family second. If you have a car, I'm sure you think about the quality of gas before pumping it into your tank. Why then would you treat yourself differently? Why then would you demonstrate less to your family?

Your goal is to educate yourself, working at providing high level balanced nutrition for yourself & your family, while also having foods that you love & enjoy. Yes, there is work involved, especially in the beginning. The pressure you're feeling is a sign of how wrong things have been. There should not be one meal that you place in front of yourself or your family that misses these targets. For most of us this is an area that needs continual work & inner motivation. It's also important to get real, to simplify, finding ways to achieve these targets without burning out.


Most of us are busy surviving in a stress-filled world. Often nutritional self-care is the first thing to go. This is not news, but it warrants saying again because until we blow the cover, it will stay hidden. The steps & tools of this program will assist you in motivating through "excuse patterns" that you have developed & etched over and over again. These will help also help you to place & underline new mind programs that will take you directly into healthy actions, so you can avoid major problems down the road. The new motivating mind programs will connect your moment to moment actions with a more productive & successful future in the many different areas of your life.


Relax deeply into the moment. Close your eyes and tilt them up about 20 degrees. Notice that you are in a large auditorium filled with people. These people are holding up signs just like in a convention. As you read the signs you become aware that these are your body parts & this is their convention. You have been asked to speak on the subject of improving care to each & every living part of yourself. You come to understand that all parts of you are living & while each part is independent, they are also interdependent. The strong support the weaker, all needing the highest level of nutrition in order to provide the very best performance for you now & in the future.

Notice a special group is standing. These individuals represent your future selves. They have come to remind you that you are fully responsible for whatever they will experience. Think about what you provided today to your body, your mind & your future selves. How would you grade yourself? Take a moment now, addressing the convention. You can do so in your journal or just in your thought processes. This is self-hypnotic programming. Be sure to include what needs to be changed and your commitment to this.


Just as some things are annoyingly "simple", some self-hypnosis images are as well, but this does not mean they are not effective. Actually the opposite is so. The subconscious mind is a "child-like" mind & likes playful imagery, especially when they are combined with powerful & pleasant emotions. So lighten up, play along & you might be surprised at what happens!