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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Inner Self-Development

Truth be known, it's your party & your life, so where do you stand in line? Unfortunately, most of us stand at the back & that is most certainly not where you want to be. You must take charge & lead your own live. Without doing so, it is next to impossible to give to others because you tend to end up having nothing to give. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives us the opportunity to do so in "dream scapes"... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

An important part of my practice is the development & production of CD's & mp3 downloads....all in Interactive Self-Hypnosis. If you've not experienced this type of listening, I would like to invite you to do so. Here are a few complimentary mp3 downloads. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session & part of a complete 2-3 track series. Current ones include...

Self-Image Affirmations
Enhancing Creativity
Dream Scaping


This is your most important relationship garden on the path & often the most neglected. When we begin to think about setting our over-arching goals in this area, it's not uncommon to come up with a blank. Few of us seem to truly know what we want for ourselves & if we do have some ideas, they usually sit way out in the future, as if this were the only time & place when it could be possible for one to work on their own dreams. This is not only untrue, but a very unhealthy approach to self-care.

Begin by designing your subconscious mind living image & then writing your overarching goal umbrella letter to your Self. I like to place a path to the past, as well as one to the future in the landscape here. That way it is easy to gather resources from the past, plant them in the moment & also future-pace or plant them in the future. You will learn more about that later. For now, draw your images & then write your over-arching goal statement AS IF you already had what you want in the palm of your hand. Here is an example:

Let's follow the earlier format & set up the over-arching umbrella for your relationship with yourself garden:

Dear Self,

I'm loving building & planting new, bright & airy mind programs in my relationship with my Self garden. I now understand that I was born alone & will die alone & that the time I spend in-between is comprised of my choices. I have re-introduced my Self to myself & truly enjoy my own company. I have my own ideas & I respect them. I able able to forgive myself for anything & everything, accepting that I did the best I could in those moments & never intentionally wanted to injure anyone. I employ compassion for my Self "ongoing" & enjoy working to become the best I can be for me. I understand that others may or may not like this & I can accept that.

Each morning I re-affirm my relationship with "me" & "we" set out on our daily adventure in the workshop of the world. Every experience is a learning experience & one to apply correction or lessons of some sort. I am no longer afraid or shameful of my past. Guilt has finished !! I think about my daily experiences in relation to my future & what I truly want to happen, knowing that I will wake up in those experiences, just as I woke up today. Each day I balance my activities & my emotions & go forward on positive paths."

Here are some things to incorporate in this powerful garden:

Forward Thinking
Celebrating You
Forward Acting
Taking Charge
Inner Power
Building Resilience
In Command
Inner Power
Future Pacing
Past Path Healing
Exploring Creativity

Once we have completed the over-arching goal, then we can begin the design of specific goals. Remember that the gardens are fluid & always changing. We tend to our gardens daily & ask our subconscious mind to alert us to special needs, as well as small & big weeds. Here are some examples of specific goals so you can get the general idea for building your own.


Goal drawings, inner imagery & mind video are always fluid or open to change. While it is important to draw on your values for stability, you may find your subconscious mind sending you insights or new ideas that literally bounce off of already placed mind work. If, in the past, you relationship with your subconscious mind has been somewhat stilted, it might be a good idea to send self-hypnotic suggestions to your subconscious, thereby encouraging a higher level of productivity & creativity.

As I design this area, I'd like you to work along with me. In the meanwhile, download the mp3's so the quality of your work will be reflective of those specific programs.