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Friday, October 06, 2006

Speaking of the Dark Side

Interactive Self-Hypnosis invites us to look deeply into our goal gardens & to fully explore, not only the facets of our goals & the activities that reside there, but also the emotions that play out in each area, some actively bringing positive results while others can be seen interfering or building barriers to success....
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Self-hypnosis Audio Programs help to you to program your own mind quickly & effectively. They also give you the opportunity to work with your positive, as well as negative emotions & connecting patterns. I'm happy to share some complimentary mp3 downloads with you. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session. Current ones include...

Serious Goal Building &
Inner Organization
Goal Achieving with Affirmations


In the last workshop/blog sector we worked on defining the over-arching umbrella to this powerful garden, as well as outlining some of the easier to identify interior goals & the action steps that accompany them. We also had a look at some of my positive emotions that work continually "under the surface", taking me towards what I want & not towards what I don't want.

I invite you to have a look at some of my negative emotional patterns. I'm no different from anyone else. Each day I wake up & find myself playing the game of life. The better I understand my game or patterns, the better my chances of scoring more points in my behalf.


It is tremendously beneficial to get to know your dark side & the emotions you tend to go towards. Remember that you can only change what you can see. If negative emotions are playing & you are unaware or just ignoring them, you are programming your mind for what you don't want & taking away from your health & performance in both body & mind. Here are some of my negative emotions & patterns.





Peer pressure








Your work...................


Where there are emotions, there are also old negative beliefs that do step on my toes.

Most of us tend to plant negative affirmations or beliefs all day long. It is so important to begin to recognize those that sit in particular gardens. Remember that you cannot change what you do not see. Negative mind programs in the mind & body garden can be responsible for serious illness. Here are just a few of mine...

I've bad genes & so what's the point.

I've made so many mistakes & so it's too late.

I don't deserve any better than this.

It's impossible to do all of this together.

I'll burn out & get sick.

I've failed before & so I'll fail again.

Your work...................


When working in a goal garden, ideas often pop into the mind. You need a place to store these. Grass catcher lists are a form of "to-do" list, but not necessarily "to-day". Here you simply park ideas, freeing the mind for the business of today. Here are some items that live on my grass catcher list in this particular garden.

Make dental appointments for the year

Open a new food idea & simple recipe journal & keep in on my desk

Buy new container to make green-ice tea

Buy new lunch containers

Buy new socks for exercising & a new pedometer

Buy gold stars for my day-timer to celebrate great days & staying on the path

Your work...................