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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Power Mind States - Persistence & Consistency

In order to succeed at high levels it is necessary to develop powerful mind-state assets. Here we are going to call upon persistence & consistency. It's important to realize on a deep level that these are not just words. They are mind-body states. That means that when you produce these states through creative mind & body work as you are doing here, you are effecting changes in all systems of your body, as well as accessing like states stored in your subconscious mind. All of this is now available to attach to your goal or moment of choice, be it managing addiction, disorderly eating, pain, stress, self-esteem or creative thinking.

Let's do some inner detective work & at the same time let your subconcious mind know that you are working in this particular department. Plug into casual conversation of yours or others, or into your own thought processes, noticing how often these mind states present themselves. What if I told you that you could access these at will, in any moment whatsoever? Would you be willing to raise your hand for this? Don’t be surprised if a negative nay-sayer emotion comes to block or set up resistance. The reason for this sits in past subconscious mind programming. This is simply fear connected to old experiences. It could also be laziness, sensing that whatever might need seems far too big to tackle & so it’s easier to believe that this isn’t possible for “someone like you". How interesting that we have this tendency to join others in our behavior-choice fantasies. However, you are here now & you are not going to do that anymore.

Learning to obtain persistence & consistency begins in the same way as with your other tools. Each builds on the other. This is not a complicated process, but one that takes diligence. You will become aware of the little moments when you can effect a change of some sort. You might remember your earlier subconscious mind change work when I asked you to notice small changes that you had made & told you of their importance. Here they are again.

There are many opportunities to build persistence & consistency. These opportunities are in the moments, but before anything can change, you must be aware & then you can acknowledge the power state of choice. What you are learning here could be called the anatomy & physiology of change. Just as your body has an anatomy & a physiology, so do many things & change is one of those things. As you begin to look into change & into the moments, you will become a creative thinker & one who runs the race to perfection.


Take a moment to prepare yourself for inner work. Always be certain you will not be disturbed & have your journal h&y. Remember that writing ideas that may float up will etch them further into both your conscious & subconscious mind. Once you are ready continue to read along.

Some people have trouble with persisting, because they don't have sufficient desire. If you find yourself weak in the persistence department, look with your trusty magnifying glass at the area where you want to apply these power mind states, noticing where you are having difficulty & then ask yourself the following questions:

· "Do I really desire this?"
· "How much to I desire this?"
· "Do all parts of me really desire this?"
· "Can I feel the desire in my gut?"

Many times you think you want something, when the reality is that you don't really care that much. Once you know that you really want whatever it is, you can utilize organized planning & the power of visualization & suggestion to motivate ourselves, even through tremendous difficulties. More about this later.

Look into your mind memory bank & retrieve instances when you truly desired something, those times when NO ONE could possibly stop you. While you are looking, be sure to notice the "little desires." They can be utilized to fire other desires. Make notes of those now:______________________________________________

This is a powerful time to add some affirmation plants. Notice if any emotional visitor arrives telling you not to stop to do this, perhaps telling you that you can do this later, or it is better to read ahead & then come back. Keep an eye out for these emotional states. They are usually related to procrastination & immediate gratification. You want to learn to catch & diminish these. Go ahead now & tilt up your eyes locating your inner movie screen. Take each affirmation separately. Don't rush. Allow your mind to form images around the words & sense yourself entering those images, feeling the emotions that are present there. Connect with them. Ask your body to enhance the sensations connected to these emotions. This is key to a good subconscious mind plant!

·I recognize persistence & congratulate myself on practicing this skill.
·I am aware of many times when I persisted.
·I review my memory bank & applaud my pictures of consistency & persistence.
·I recognize desire. I can feel desire in my mind/body whenever I choose to!