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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nutrition & Mind-Exploring - Early Adult Years

Dealing with disorderly eating means dealing with the many aspects of life. Those of us who didn't learn how to manage these in a healthy fashion during childhood or teen years, will arrive at early adulthood with a variety of self-discipline issues. Some of these are in the box to the left. On the outside we may appear mature & act "as if" we have it all together, but inside is a completely different matter. Rule of thumb......if there is life disorder, there is going to be unhealthy stress releasers that can include disorderly eating, as well as addictions of some type. So what's to be done? The way out is simple, but not easy..... bringing order & organization to the many disordered aspects... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

I had the opportunity to present these issues to my class last night. What struck me was how disappointing young adulthood was for so many people. The bigger the fantasy, the harder the fall. Few found it as they thought it would be.

When Tim graduated from the University he thought the worst was over, but according to Tim, life was nothing but drudgery with no apparent way out. At least when he was in school he looked to the future as being filled with light & opportunities. Now all he could see was an uphill battle with little sitting at the top. The only thing Tim looked forward to was eating fast-food for lunch & then heading to happy hour on the way home.

Susan was married with two small children. Life had become so expensive that she had to return to work. While her husband tried to help out, as Susan put it, "he needs so much direction that it is just easier to do things myself." Susan finds it easier to be at work than at home. In fact, she's started hating the weekends. Susan is not too dissimilar from Tim. She stops in the supermarket on the way home, bingeing on chocolate cookies & chips as she drives towards a life she doesn't want.


Children grow into teens, & teens grow into young adults. Sometimes not all areas of the self grow up, so let’s go ahead & check this out. Begin by relaxing deeply. Find the quiet area of your mind & take a few moments to enjoy how pleasant it is to be in the quiet mind space. Spend time noticing how your body areas respond to the request for internal quieting. Practice going to a deeper part of your quiet mind space by counting backwards slowly & allowing the numbers to come towards you & then flow away gently.

Now go back & look closely at your tension areas, & place flowers on them. Open the flowers & allow these areas to relax even deeper than before. Early adult & the years that follow are total self responsibility years in self-care & health. For some reason people think that age makes a difference, but if you didn’t develop self-discipline or know what you should do & why should do it, perhaps you missed doing it.

In adult life you are totally responsible for what you do, what you don't do, & for all outcomes. . Ask your subconscious librarian to bring forth your health books by decades. If you have had "busy decades" health-wise, ask for these books separately. Some books need more attention or noticing than others. Be sure to look at good books, as well as those that have some negative connotations. We will be taking things from both, transferring some & editing out others.

The adult health books & pictures are very important ones because they often show tendencies towards either continued health or illness. It's important to notice your emotions & attitudes as they relate to your beliefs about what is possible & what is not. Sometimes we allow emotions to lock areas that could otherwise take us to higher levels of health & wellness. For example, if one has a fear of dentists, & believe that they will lose their teeth anyway, the opportunities to correct the current situation are locked up & teeth that could be saved are then lost. Or one may believe that it is impossible to change eating behaviors because of age. In other words, the belief that old dogs can't be taught new tricks is blocking the goal. The belief that middle-aged women have to experience middle age spread is also blocking goals!

Take your early adult health book off the shelf. Begin with body scanning & observation of your total self. Look at your beliefs & decisions related to nutrition, exercise & stress management choices. Are there any emotions holding keys to locked doors? Be sure to keep journal entries when doing this work. Ask your subconscious mind librarian to show you the important entries & especially those related to health, illness & surgery if any. Notice how you took care of yourself nutritionally. Were you self-responsible or were you careless in this regard.

Next visit the areas of exercise & stress management. Once again, notice how you look & how you feel about yourself health-wise.

Were you self-responsible about caring for yourself?
Can you see any negligence or self-abuse?
Did you lose yourself in others?
Was your fantasy broken?

Begin looking at your hidden motivators. What motivated you to change & persevere? What got in your way? Make some notes about these memories.

If this were a book you were writing, is there anything you would change? How would you edit it? Be very specific.

Has any additional information been provided that would apply to your earlier years? If so, go back & make additional notes in the area above.

Remember we are just assessing in this area. Before we can change we must SEE. This is like a medical diagnosis! We need all the facts before we can set up a treatment plan. So, stay opened to the process & enjoy this time you are taking for yourself. Everything about this work is positive & designed to take you to a high level of health & performance on your life journey.

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