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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Building Mind Models

It's easy to talk about change, but when it comes to the doing, it's often a different matter. If we utilized as much creativity in the design & implementation of our goals as we do in making excuses, we'd have no problem with procrastination. Interactive Self-Hypnosis gives us the opportunity, not only to utilize our creativity, but to reap the benefits of having a profound Inner Coach....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The Inner Coach is a part of us that is already present, but needs to be activated. This is easily accomplished through my CD's & mp3 downloads....all in Interactive Self-Hypnosis. If you've not experienced this type of mind-work, I invite you to do so. Here are a few complimentary mp3 downloads. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session & part of a complete 2-3 track series. Current ones include...

Self-Image Affirmations
Enhancing Creativity
Dream Scaping


In an earlier post I listed some things to incorporate in your "relationship with yourSelf" mind garden. Mind gardens are containments...containers of sorts. Places to put things. The subconscious mind is an organized mind & when you place suggestions, they are there for the taking. The best suggestions are detailed & so I'd like to take the same list & make these into more powerful suggestions. This is where your imagination, thought design & emotional dexterity come into play.

It's time to work on paying attention to your words or phases, especially those that are directly related to yourSelf. Positive words or phrases, like those below, are waiting to be firmly etched into your subconscious mind. Each time you think about yourSelf with positive vision, the subconscious mind accepts this as "your reality." However, in the same vein, if you are using negative-self-talk, your subconscious mind is etching these, busily forming new belief patterns.

Let's work with the positive words or phrases in the list. When doing mind-work such as this, be willing to spend some time. Look at it as an investment in yourSelf, for indeed it is. Relax into the moment & now begin with Forward Thinking. Stay with that phrase for a moment. Focus & hold on to it. Ask yourSelf some "opening questions." What does it mean to be a "forward thinker?" Bring in a mind-model for "forward thinking." Perhaps you know someone who could fill in here, but if not, design a model in your mind's eye. how this "forward thinker" speaks. Pay careful attention to detail & now........notice how this individual looks. Notice posture, level of relaxation, level of focus & anything else that your subconscious mind brings to your attention. Perhaps you would like to observe this model "in action" with others or in scenarios you have experienced in the past, or may experience in the future. When you have completed studying this model, invite him into your Relationship with YourSelf Garden." You have now saved this asset for yourSelf. In the future, you can call on this model & simply step inside for your own personal experience of "forward thinking."

"Forward Acting" is closely related to "forward thinking", with just a shade of difference. This is an assertive Self model. Personally, I like the two of them to work in unison. I like a model who can think through things effectively & efficiently & then switch into action, bypassing fear & other emotions tied to procrastination. Spend some time designing this model for your self-garden. Repeat the process above, being sure to relax deeply before beginning the process. This will allow for deeper etching & the development of more details.

"Taking Charge" is a powerful model, of course connected to healthy, not blind leadership. Leaders know where they are going & so the two earlier models can be invited to form a "trio" with this aspect of your development. Take a moment to relax deeply & begin to assess this model, once again, paying attention to details. Spend some time & open the corral. Your subconscious mind will know what you mean by this "metaphor." Be sure to sense/see the horse as educated, balanced & wise. This is not a wild horse. It's one that is relaxed, focused & with sound purpose. Sense what it feels like to be such a horse .... a horse that is now free to take his creativity & explore the horizons fully.

Once the above are carefully detailed & emotionalized, the subconscious mind will play them out in this format. You can always go back & edit them. It's common to be mind-frugal in relation to goal design because most of us tend to exist under clouds of lower expectations & so the mind plays to this. If you find this is so for you, touch base with your horse.... open the gate & invite him to be free.


As before, goal drawings, inner imagery & mind video are always fluid or open to change. While it is important to draw on your values for stability, you may find your subconscious mind sending you insights or new ideas that literally bounce off of already placed mind work. If, in the past, your relationship with your subconscious mind has been somewhat stilted, it might be a good idea to send self-hypnotic suggestions to your subconscious, encouraging the breaking of that pattern, allowing you to explore a higher level of productivity & creativity.