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Monday, February 27, 2006

Changing & Creating Beliefs

You are more powerful than you believe you are. Your level of creativity is higher than you think it is. You can achieve more than you think you can. It’s all a matter of what you believe & you can change these…. Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

It is important to develop a strong belief in your ability to carry out the plan towards your goal. Sometimes you are not even aware that you don't have this belief, so let's go ahead & do some inner checking.

Focus on your breath for a minute & gently allow the following question to arise. "Can I achieve this goal?" The answer will come before the question is even completely out of your mouth...the mind works very fast! If you get a resounding "YES" just smile knowingly. If, however, you get a weak little "yes maybe" or a resounding "NO", you have some additional work to do. These answers were returned to you from your subconscious mind based on past experiences & beliefs. This does not mean that they are correct, nor does it mean that these beliefs cannot be changed. These needs will form some of your focus work for today.

It is important to start growing some plans for persisting & final goal expectation.. Your inner plans should be organized from start to finish. Don't worry if they appear weak or impractical in the beginning, because as you become involved in the unfolding of the goal, the plans will become stronger & more perfected. Plan to spend some time each day perfecting your organized plans. As you do this exercise, your willpower will increase, as will your ability to persist. If you notice difficulties in evolving a plan of action, have another look at the goal, making certain you really desire it & that there is some definite purpose for the work you are proposing.

The act of organized planning leads to the development of habit & persistence is the direct result of habit. Your mind will become absorbed by the daily experiences on which it feeds, & since these are directly related to your goal achievement, you will continue to move closer & closer. On occasion you will hit a stumbling block....just notice it & step right over it. Some blocks are small & some are much really doesn't matter to the person in pursuit of the goal. Stumbling blocks are a signal to move past or over. If you notice the arrival of the emotion called "fear", just label it & refocus on your breath & your goal. You will certainly be doing more work with emotional visitors in days to come.


Take time to enter your alpha brain wave state & go deeper down than before. If you are reading any of our books or working with our CD or mp3 programs, you have already learned many deepening exercises & it's always a good idea to review them, keeping them active in practice. After you read this exercise, close your eyes & begin the work. Enter your inner or subconscious library & notice that your Inner Coach is standing next to your subconscious librarian fingering some of your organized goal plans. Go ahead over & pick up the plans. Notice that your goal areas are written on the top of each plan. Begin to review them one by one. After reviewing each one, open your eyes & make some notes of important findings.

Notice that affirmations have already organized themselves on the inner screen of your mind. This time they brought their own action images, some even with sound. Take your time, working with each one separately. If you don’t have time now, make an appointment to follow through with this. Just reading words is not sufficient for planting working affirmations in your subconscious mind. In addition, you may think the following are simplistic, therefore not valuable. Keep in mind that simple affirmations work best, especially when accompanied by inner imagery, visualization & emotional blasting.

·I work on my organized planning daily.
·I review my plans & they are clear to me.
·Details of my plans magically appear on my mind screen.
·My plans are alive & speak volumes to me.


It would be a good idea to relax deeply before reading this work. A light alpha state would be great and allow the images to truly etch in your subconscious mind. Read this as if I were writing you a letter about things I've noticed about you.

I want you to place a picture of yourself with your new belief in a circle of white. See yourself/emotionally sense yourself achieving your goal & especially notice how easy it was to do this. You might even see & hear yourself repeating, "This is so easy. I had no idea this would be so easy."

You might see yourself organizing your plans to achieve your goal. Notice how relaxed you are, as well as how focused you are in your intent to organize the plans. The plans come easy to you. The pictures are clear. You even see the list of plans in the white circle. Maybe you can't read them from where you are sitting, so just reach forward, taking the organized plan list in your hand, placing it on your lap.

When you are finished with this exercise, pick up the list & read it. Do this exercise even if you have a strong belief about your ability to carry out the organized plans to reach your goals. You can all use all the determination you can muster. This is a great opportunity to build strength in this self-development department.
As you see your belief in the white circle, what stands out? ________________________

Add these affirmation plants. They play out like little television programs. Remember to allow your subconscious mind to fill in the details.

·My beliefs are clear.
·I can see my plans developing.
·I enjoy doing this work for myself.