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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Inner Creativity - Part 2

The theater of your mind is a powerful place where you become the writer, director & producer of every facet of your life... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Knowledge Hook

After inducing a self-hypnotic state, you are ready to begin planting subconscious mind programs, also called suggestions. The subconscious mind enjoys organization & so it works to your benefit, assisting you in building special containment metaphors for planting inner programs, as well as editing past & future ones. These containments are useful as well for managing emotional states, locating hidden resources & building resilience. All containments are “user-friendly”. As you welcome them into your consciousness, don’t be surprised if you find them appearing automatically to help manage your life needs.

Exploring the Interactive Self-Hypnosis Workshop

You might like to review this powerful containment at the alpha state. If you have been following the thoughtWARE blog you already know how to reach this slow brain wave state. In an earlier thoughtWARE blog entry you began the design of your goal-den path.

As you walk down your path & past the gardens, you will see a signpost for your inner workshop. Follow the route & soon you will come upon it. The workshop is a place in your mind where you go to work on yourself. It is a private place & while others are welcome, they only come by your invitation & to work in your behalf. This is especially important for those with addiction who are so used to putting everyone else’s needs first.

Right now see the image of your workshop in your mind’s eye. Build it exactly as you like it. There might be a building or a place in the past that you would like to utilize for this purpose, & that is fine. Sometimes we have a safe place from childhood. For me it is an old barn that sat on the property of my best friend where I could escape the outside world to adventure in my dreams. It was here that I calmed myself while designing my future fantasies.

If you don’t have such a place in your memory bank, simply go & build one for yourself right now. You can place it wherever you like, be it at the ocean, high in the mountains, or even in the middle of a city. Whatever meets your fancy is just fine. Choose the structure, color, windows, roof pitch, landscaping, etc. Details, details!

Feel the entrance key in your pocket & open the front door. Look around, noticing the furnishings, floor coverings, windows, collectibles, perhaps plants, books & even toys. Time to lighten up! Walk through the workshop, noticing the details of the different rooms & how comfortable you feel here. In my Workshop I have a big room, a kitchen, a spa bath, several libraries & a board meeting room. You’ll read about these in detail later on.

Look out the window & admire the view. Pay attention to the wild life, the plants, the sky & how the weather is in this moment. Your weather is a great metaphor for your current emotional crayons. Bring in some additional senses. You might tap on the window pane, hearing the tapping sound resonating in your ears. Sit down in one of the chairs, feel the texture of the fabric, how your body positions into the chair & relax deeply. This is a time set aside for you & your work. Enjoy this idea.

It’s helpful to bring in some powerful emotional states, especially positive expectancy, wisdom & inner peace. Emotions appear automatically, as well as by request. In this case scenario, do request those that will be skillful in designing inner programming. In the paragraphs below I will be directing you to other parts of your workshop.

Mind Exercise – Accessing Your Wide Screen Television

Everything that you ever experienced is recorded in your subconscious mind in an orderly fashion, but in order to review it you must utilize some sort of a containment or tool. As you become familiar with the workings of Interactive Self-Hypnotic Tools you will be able to call them forward to work in the moment, as well as in deeper trance states. The wide screen television & the VCR are containments for viewing subconscious files. In our work all subconscious files are considered DVD’s orvideo tapes that are designed for you to readily apply Interactive Awareness & Self-Hypnosis.

On your inner mind screen place an image of your wide screen television. Locate the VCR & the portable hand controls. Notice the shelves holding the tape collections. The shelves on the left are filled with old tapes, including everything you have ever experienced through any of your senses.

While these experiences truly happened, they are all recorded in a particular perception. Some perceptions that are not helpful to current goals may benefit from some editing. Old tapes are also great resources for building resilience & power in all types of goals. Resilience is found in past success, as well as in past failures. Interactive self-hypnosis allows you to alter the marinade of any file, often turning it from a de-motivator into a powerful pro-motivator.

The shelves on the right are filled with future video. Some are blank tapes ready for recording. There are also tapes holding new experiences that haven’t happened as yet. Some you have already programmed through the power of expectations, while others are pre-programmed for practicing different possibilities & experiences. Some of your pre-programs may not be based on negative expectation & therefore not in your best interest. It’s very possible that some include expectations of failure in working with any negative habit, addiction or eating disorder. I’ll be showing you how to locate & edit these for success in a future blog entry.