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Monday, July 03, 2006

Winning the Mind Game

Self-hypnosis is an extremely valuable tool for athletes at all levels. If the mind is playing negative pictures, the results will be the same. What ever the mind perceives as true, becomes true. We image all the time, whether we plan to or not. As we learn to respect the workings of the mind, & become aware of the connection to the body, we can utilize this powerful mechanism to improve any & all areas of our life.

There are often self-imposed roadblocks, old beliefs, thought patterns, & automated emotional responses which keep the athlete side-lined, & off the path leading towards the goals. Once it is made clear that all is ready to move through the blocks, not only will this occur, but the subconscious mind will assist in making suggestions & plans.
In hypnosis, the hypnotist will work to help re-frame & re-program the inner library for success. When the athlete is trained & practices self-hypnosis, it is relatively easy to reassess a situation in the moment, & program the change right then & there. One also has the ability to request suggestions from the subconscious mind, as to possibilities for management of a situation. It is tantamount to having a powerful "inner coach" right there, in every moment, moving the individual towards the planned goal, whether it be hitting the ball straight, choosing the right shot or angle, or maneuvering the entire self done a patch of icy slope. Whatever the situation, the answer is at hand.

Unfortunately many athletes program for what they don't want & this is exactly what they get. As you develop awareness techniques, start listening to "casual mindtalk" of others, pick out the negative programming, & observe what happens.

Many people looking for magic. They dream of a quick results Without putting in the work required. Those who achieve excellence know that the way to the top& the way to stay there is through consistent work & commitment. The Mind Game is not different & for those who do commit, the benefits are pure gold!