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Monday, October 09, 2006

Changing Momentary Mindsets

My obstacles will always look large or small to me, depending on my mindset in that moment. I have the power to change momentary mindsets... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

We are surrounded by affirmations or mini-mind programs. Some arrive by request, but most do not. The truth is that we can all benefit from more positive ones, especially if we work to plant them instead of just having them move through. All of my audio programs have active affirmations that are linked to specific imagery that the listener actually self-designs. The subconscious mind works so quickly in this regard. All it needs is a good leading direction.

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Self-Image Affirmations
Enhancing Creativity


Today I've chosen a powerful affirmation that is designed to work with obstacles, as well as awareness of mindsets. Here it is again...

My obstacles will always look large or small to me, depending on my mindset in that moment. I have the power to change momentary mindsets...

It is one thing to read an affirmation and another thing to dissect it and then plant it. Most of us tend to live on fast-forward, perhaps reading something, but not really being there for it. Think about other reading experiences. Do you ever find that having read a paragraph, or even a page in a book that you simply don't recall what it was about? This is a living example of lack of focus and automatic pilot. The mind is off doing it's own thing and the words of the page have had no impact. In our work with affirmations, we want to stay aware of our tendency to rush on through, so here we will dissect and then plant hypnotically.


<My obstacles will always look large or small to me

What does this mean to you? To me, I'm reminded that first, I do have obstacles and they can look either large or small. As I dissect I like to play the images on my mind screen. You can do this with your eyes open or closed. I like practicing with my eyes open, because I like to train myself to work on my mind-screen even when I'm actively involved with others. This is key for sports, but also is tremendously beneficial in other life arenas. So, I'm looking at images now that resemble obstacles. Some are big and others are small. Now I'm ready to move on.

depending on my mindset in that moment

What does this say to you? For me, first this means that I have something called a mindset and second, it is changeable in any moment. In other words, my mindset is fluid. Back to my mind-screen and designing a mind-set image. I'm seeing/sensing this as a hat on my head. I also placed shelf where many mind-set hats are sitting. They are labeled according to their positivity or negativity. It is truly helpful for me to have this organization or hypnotic containment.

I have the power to change momentary mindsets...

Now I'm ready to join the obstacles with the mind-sets. I'm noticing that large obstacles have negative hats and small ones have the less-toxic or small positive ones. Since an obstacle is something that blocks my path, I do want to remove or disassemble them and so I'm going to need a large, positive mind-set hat. These are available on my shelf. I simply go and get one, placing it on top of the obstacle.


There are many things I can do with this affirmation to actually program my subconscious mind in this very moment.

I can label the path that is taking me towards a specific goal. Now I have the full attention of my subconscious mind.

I can label the obstacle or obstacles if I know what they are. If not, I can just leave the label without a name. This tells my subconscious mind that I do want to know what's blocking me and if I do know what the blockage is, that I'm not afraid to face it straight on.

Next, I can choose to change the mind-sets right in this moment. I might even bring in a very powerful memory with it's positive emotion and have it disassemble the obstacle before my eyes.

I can enjoy walking on the cleared path and sense the freedom this affords me.

This simple imagery just takes a few moments, but the changes can be profound. In addition to the obvious, the subconscious mind will continue to work on this, bringing it to your consciousness for other obstructed paths or even working behind the scenes or subconsciously.