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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inside Goals


As my goals clarify, I stop chasing dreams & begin digging for gold. I actively work to detail & clarify my goals. I enhance my goal images with positive "hot" imagery... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

I like to bundle affirmations, giving my subconscious mind a set of clear directions as to what I want and need. It's amazing how few people have a clear picture of their goal, much less an action plan to achieve it. Many even balk at the word. Just yesterday, a client told me that the "goal-word" frightens her to the point that she can't think clearly. It's amazing that a simple four letter word can have such a physiological and psychological effect on someone.

Sometimes we need to move beyond the word, especially if it has ramifications as described above. Obviously, the problem isn't the word, but the associations. In this instance, I decided to take my client on a journey into her new business project that we would future-pace one year. The plan was to meet up with her future-Self, who would show us around the business, detailing different areas. Everything would be just the way she would like it and preferably better. Positive emotions would be helping, especially in the areas that were frightening or mind-blocking. These emotions would be motivated by past experiences, located in my client's resilience center. The future-Self was also available for questions.

Goal affirmations are absolutely necessary for high level performance and success. What we think is what we get. Knowing this, it is vital to continually feed the subconscious mind, not only with positive thoughts, but encouraging the creative centers of the mind to be giving.

If you have been working with my books, CD's or mp3's, you know about designing "hot active imagery" and programming your own subconscious mind. You also know that affirmations can be direct or metaphorically implied. Both work well in directing the subconscious mind towards specific goal-orientated action.

To help you along, here are few complimentary mp3 downloads. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session & part of a complete 2-3 track series. Each are filled with active imagery & affirmations.
Self-Image Affirmations
Making Changes - Affirmations & Imagery
Blending Work & Personal Goals


Start by quieting your body and then your mind. Make certain you will not be interrupted for the next fifteen minutes or so, the time it will take to plant these affirmations. Once they're planted, you can work with them at will, without going into a relaxed trance. Remember that well-etched or planted images affirmations and connected images provide the best outcomes.

As my goals clarify, I stop chasing dreams & begin digging for gold. I actively work to detail & clarify my goals. I enhance my goal images with positive "hot" imagery...

Let's work with the first four my goals clarify. I'd like a separate image for this. On my mind screen I'm going to place an image of a jumble or mess. Now as I repeat the four words, the jumble is going to organize itself.

The mess can be just about anything. I have a pile of laundry on my mind screen. As I repeat the short affirmation, the laundy goes into organized piles of neatly folded clothes. Obviously, I'm suggesting to my subconscious mind that I want my specific goals to be put in order. I can also make this into a "hot image", by sensing a feeling of happiness or satisfaction or even heightened pleasure in my body. Keep in mind that we have an internal pharmacy waiting for direction to produce chemicals that match particular emotions that will fire-off images.

Let's take the first affirmation in it's complete form. As my goals clarify, I stop chasing dreams & begin digging for gold.
Relax the body again, slowing the mind. Bring forth the mind screen for programming. See or sense the affirmation. Notice what your own mind plays out for you. On my mind screen I see/sense myself calm and collected, poised with my shovel and happily digging, then locating a vein of gold. I not only see/sense the gold, but I reach down and pick up nougets, placing them in my pail. I look out to my old Self behaviors, noticing how I run aimlessly from one area to another, hardly breathing, using so much effort. Since this is what I don't want, I'm going to diminish that image and the connected emotions, sending the tiny particles away from me. Now, I'm going to program over that by bringing my positive, relaxed digging onto my mind screen. I'm following with another suggestions/command. "This is what I want." And then....."Thank You."

Enhancing goal images with "hot imagery" is key to super-etching or planting. When we desire something, the subconscious mind is motivated, not only to find it for us, but to find anything that might be similar. As you learn to plant affirmations or suggestions in this way, you may find yourself changing your approach to getting what you want, perhaps having more serendipity or eureka experiences. You may very well sense the plan in action, even though you don't remember figuring this out yourself. The is creativity in action.

If you enjoy working in this particular area, you might like to order any of the goal achievement programs or mp3 and work the full program. The Enhancing Creativity is also a good program for this level of self-development.

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