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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Full Foot All the Way Down

For those who have requested is a book clip from thoughtWARE - 101 Inner Mind Programs for Designing, Planning & Reaching Your Goals

Book Clip - Foot to the Pedal Now...

This series is taking you on a step by step adventure from choosing a goal to high level end goal results. If you have been working with the series you are already seeing changes happening all around you. Some have to do with the goals at hand, but other changes are subconscious mind spin-offs. This is how the mind works. Once we begin the wheels rolling, activity can be seen in all areas of our life.

I hope you are working with pen & journal, as well as goal folders. The better your inner & outer organization, the faster your goals will mature!
Planning, planning, planning. If you have not been a planner in the past, you may balk at this practice, but the more you plan, the more successes you will have & the more you will love planning. Do make certain you have a good pocket calendar & a journal for this work.

Develop a plan of organization. Work to bring organization to as many parts of your life as possible. All organization & planning carry over to your goal or goals. Have a place for everything & keep all things in their place. Avoid having "to do" notes in many places. This is what the pocket calendar is for.

Simplify your life. Most of us live a life of both inner & outer clutter. Make this the year to empty both. Get rid of things you don't use & need. Stay aware of how little you actually need to live comfortably. Also stay aware of what really makes you happy & at peace. The more you begin to know yourself, the more powerful you will become.

Be aware of what causes you stress & work to diminish it. All stress reaction is inner, meaning all stress is our personal reaction to what we perceive or see as OUR TRUTH. Change your perception & change your stress levels. When the body is free, the mind is free. You will go effortlessly towards your goal. If you are not practicing Awareness Meditative work, please consider doing so. This is the basic work of optimum performance & high achievement.

Learn to make quick decisions when appropriate. In actuality most decisions can be made quickly. Some of those include "what's for dinner", " or what should I wear." Our days have hundreds of these types of decisions. Begin to notice how many times you have to decide something. Begin to speed these up. You will save lots of time & also decrease your stress levels immeasurably. Once this practice is in place, other decisions will also speed up automatically. Your subconscious mind has a new benchmark in the area of decision making.

Be aware of ruminating. Staying lost in the past, or in unskillful future thoughts based on the past, are not only time-wasters in the general sense, but steal time away from positive programming. For most of us it is an automatic-pilot behavior & we must learn to wake up to it's arrival.

Schedule problem solving time. Just as you have learned to put aside planning time each day, also set aside separate time for problem solving. Begin to see this activity as a challenge & not a chore. This change of perspective will excite the subconscious mind into providing bonus solutions. You might also like to utilize your Board of Directors in this activity.
Learn to live in current reality. Develop skills to keep you in the moment, instead of the past & future. Awareness in the moment will give you the opportunity to assess, release & make choices.

Watch your attitude. Become the Director & CEO of your own life. See yourself in this position in your mind's eye. Take a good look at yourself & admire the person who is you. You are a unique being. There is no one else like you, nor will there ever be. As your CEO, choose attitudes to benefit your goals. Be aware of automatic pilot behaviors & look to change them if needed. You are in charge. Celebrate this.

Hang around with positive goal achievers. Emotional states are contagious. As you begin to become more aware about who you are, you will become more aware of those around you.

Experiential Self-Development

1.List three things you learned from this article that will help you personally or in your work.

2.Visit the planning link in the first paragraph of this article & organize your folders. Which area needs the most planning. Notice if you placed it on top of the pile or last. Remember to eat the crust FIRST. Organize your folders with the least pleasant on top!

3. Notice the time of day or activity that brings you to auto-pilot. Which is second? Relax deeply & bring forth your Board of Directors. Present the problem & request "wake-up" calls during auto-pilot times.

4.Take one of your goals & mentally place it on the table in front of you. Relax deeply & now look at the attitudes surrounding it. If there are unskillful attitudes remove them. Notice you have a bag filled with helpful attitudes right next to you. Take one or two of them & place them on the table with your goal. Notice if the goal has any comments.

5. In your mind's eye scan your family, colleagues & friends. Notice the emotional states that surround them. Now notice your emotional states in response to theirs. Check out the stress status in these relationships. Be sure to practice Awareness Meditation to keep your relationship moments at low-stress & high productivity.

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