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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gerbil Hypnosis


The seeds to my success are in my imagination in this very moment. I actively visualize all the things I want in my life in all areas. I actively make my mental blueprint and begin to build... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Today I was working with a client of mine, I'll call Crystal. She, like so many others, has been frustrated by her search for what she wants to achieve in different areas of her life. She's changed jobs, houses, locations and even husbands in her quest for what she calls "perfection."

Now I always feel like running for cover when I hear that word, for most of us know that it simply doesn't exist, but for Crystal, it is a true destination. She reminded me of a gerbil on a treadmill, exhaused from her trek to nowhere.

Crystal is so busy looking outward, that she's lost her inner vision. Forget her resources. As far as she's concerned, she is a victim of life with nothing to show for it. How very sad....... She's only 32 years old.

I designed some active imagery for her based on the affirmation cluster for today. Interactive self-hypnosis gives us the opportunity to take an over-view of issues and then to develop a working metaphor in the theater of the mind. I needed to break Crystal's negative hypnotic mind states, of which there were many. Not only did she have a myraid of physical issues, but her thought patterns and sense of reality were quite distorted.

First off the bat, I needed the gerbil's attention. She talked incessantly, going over the same ground, truly stuck in the hypnosis of the turning wheel. To break this type of self-imposed negative hypnosis, we need to sweep the castle clean and then to begin re-furbishing. This was accomplished with a simple command of "shhhh....!!!! STOP.....listen." It never ceases to amaze me that a simple command given with kind authority can have such an effect. It was almost as if she were relieved that I stopped her. She was now in a submissive state and ready to receive positive hypnotic suggestion.

Affirmations are mini-mind programs that can pack a lot of power in a few sentences. When they are attached to active imagery or metaphor, they become even more powerful.

Anyone can work hypnotically. If you haven't experienced this before, here are few complimentary mp3 downloads. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session & part of a complete 2-3 track series. Each are filled with active imagery & affirmations.
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Let's work along with Crystal...

We always begin by reading the affirmational cluster out loud or slowly to ourselves. Prepare to spend some "real time" with yourself. Planting on the fly is not the way to go.

The seeds to my success are in my imagination in this very moment. I actively visualize all the things I want in my life in all areas. I actively make my mental blueprint and begin to build...

Gerbils are already in hypnosis from the movement of the wheel and so was Crystal. Once she stopped her motion, all that was necessary was some deep relaxation techniques. I utilized the colored circles around her body parts, starting at the head and ending at the bottom of her feet. I asked her to allow the cells that were in each part to slowly move apart from each other. Since she held lots of tension in her head, neck and shoulders, I placed additional inner circles in those areas. It wasn't more than a few moments when a good level of very deep relaxation was present.

I brought Crystal's attention to her mind screen and since she is very visual, I had her paint the gardens and the goal-den path. Then I appeared on it and put my hands out towards her. Like a lovely butterfly, she came towards me and gave me her disorderly backpack. I brought her attention to her lightness of being and how relaxed she felt as she walked along with my guidance.

I began to show her the gardens that contained all of her resources that she's collected over the many years of her life. Some were quite old, coming from childhood. Others were newer, and the newest ones were being planted as we walked along in this moment.

We then entered her workshop. This is where her resources were being utilized to build her successes. First we visited the planners who were working with blueprints. Next, we entered the construction area where many different projects were in process. Some were health-related, others having to do with work issues, prosperity and then relationships. I pointed out that everything she needed was already present. This was internal working.

The finishing area was over there. She could pick up and admire many of these projects, some of which she had indicated to me during our pre-hypnotic session, despite the fact that she reported not having been much of a success at anything.

Crystal has quite a bit of cleaning up to do in her pattern department, as well as in her thought and emotion areas. It was decided to remove the gerbil wheel and instead to spend active time relaxing and examining blueprints. While Crystal has much work to do, this was a good beginning.

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