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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Working Through Old Failures & Other Mind Blocks

For those who have requested is a book clip from thoughtWARE - 101 Inner Mind Programs for Designing, Planning & Reaching Your Goals

Book Clip - Working Through Old Failures & Other Roadblocks...

Learn to benefit from past failures. If you have failed at this particular goal before, you already know how to do that. You also have lots of information in your subconscious library that can be utilized for your success. It is important to make certain your inner librarian knows that you are not on the same failure track, so it is best to do this work in self-hypnosis.

You already know how easy it is to go into a trance state & contact your inner assistants. Ask the librarian for the past file relating to this goal. Now go ahead & review the file, making editing changes throughout. When you have completed this work give the edited file back to the inner librarian. Whenever you edit old files, the new version is placed in your subconscious mind. It is good to keep in mind those areas that didn't work so you don't have to repeat those again!

Your subconscious mind holds valuable information. If you have not practiced self-hypnosis, this would be a good time to learn this valuable mindbody tool. Hypnosis is deep relaxation in combination with imagery. As you look at past roadblocks with a quiet mindstate, ask yourself what is the "crux" of the matter. Notice you inner librarian is with you & ready to bring you the answers from your inner library shelves. Everything is there for your use. It has always been there, but many of the books are rather dusty from non-use! When you ask questions & work with your inner guides or librarian, information that was not available consciously will often be released, allowing you to move forward with less effort.

Notice to what categories the roadblocks belong. Most of us are "repeat performers." We each have certain thought patterns & emotional states that interfere with our going forward. Some familiar ones are fear of failure & fear of success. Go back into a light hypnotic state & take the road towards the goal you are working with. Notice your librarian or assistants are with you. Observe as they point out the roadblocks. You may be able to tell what they are about right in the moment, but not to worry if you don't. The actual interpretation of the block will become clear to you a bit later on. Be sure to give yourself some quiet time so the messages can come through.

Take full responsibility for past failures. In order to succeed we must be totally responsible for all past outcomes, whether they are positive or negative. This acknowledgement frees us to stay in self-responsibility where our power is actually enhanced. Go into a light trance & meet up with your inner guides & librarian. Go to the inner library & take some time to go through some of the books from different times in your life. Look especially for outcomes.

Notice if you don't want to see any outcome. At that moment you will notice one of your emotional states is present. All emotions are seen as children, about eight years old. Some are taller than others, but they are still children. Try to see what emotion has presented. Sometimes it is shame, guilt or fear. Calm the emotion & let it know that everyone makes mistakes, & that through looking at them with "gentle eyes" you will learn & be able to go forward. This is a good time to practice forgiveness, gratitude, as well as compassion for yourself & towards others.

Have a look at past excuses. What are the reasons you presented to yourself about past failures regarding your goals? They usually fall into specific categories. See if you can name some of these categories. A common one is "bad luck" or it was the fault of someone else, or even "life." It is not uncommon to label ourselves in some derogatory fashion. It is very important to become aware of these mechanisms, for they must change. No buts about it!

Ask the subconscious librarian to nudge you whenever the word "but" comes on your tongue, or some lame excuse is about to be uttered. These are seeds of failure, & certainly not fruitful. Instead, move into your self-responsible adult mode. This is where the prizes are located. Each time you take responsibility, you gain power. You also gain self-respect & self-esteem. Your self-image is elevated & the subconscious mind will supply you with new, helpful information.

Have a look at your motivation levels. Do you find it difficult to stay motivated? Are you a person who has lots of ideas, but falls prey to procrastination very early on? Remember, the more you become self-aware, the stronger your chances for success. Take some time to return to self-hypnosis & meet up with your inner librarian & guides. Go to the library & make a search of very early motivators. You will find them as far back as your baby crib. Notice how you motivated yourself in these early years. Now move up a few years & search those files. You will begin to find some very useful motivators before long.

Make some inner notes, or better still, have your librarian keep them for you. You will be handed the list before you leave. When working on your current goal, stay tuned to your motivation levels. When they begin to falter, bring up your inner list & simply review. The subconscious mind will extract from these & apply them to your current situation.

Become familiar with your most common low-level negative emotions. We mentioned these a bit earlier, but lets add to our knowledge in this area. Get to know these emotional states well because these are the ones who build barriers to your success. They tend to hang out in groups & play negative mind-talk games in your inner VCR. For example, suppose you are trying to lose weight. This negative group will happily show you pictures of all your past failures, letting you know you have never succeeded, so why should you be able to do so now? When you learn to work with these negative mind-state children, you will be able to discipline them, as well as educate them with new positive-mind books.

Become familiar with your most common low-level positive emotions. We all have positive mind-states. Unfortunately, we tend to go towards the negative or hard-liners. It is important to build awareness skills & to purposefully bring in your positive mind-states. This is not only important for goal enhancement, but also for your health. Negative mind-states produce killer stress chemicals. Positive mind-states produce healing chemicals. Since 60-90% of disease is stress-related, it certainly should be clear which emotions you want hanging around. We all have high level & low level emotional states. It is much easier to move from a low-level negative to a low-level positive. Take some time to practice this.

Keep an ear out for your inner mind-talk. We continually program ourselves through mind-talk all day long. Unfortunately most of the mind-talk is negative & programs for what we don't want. As you learn to stay more aware, you will find yourself moving effortlessly towards your goals instead of away from them. It is important to learn to observe your mind-talk, as well as the body communications that are connected to these inner messages. Make it a point to get better at this. The most successful people program this subconsciously.

Do a belief system check. Is your goal in keeping with your belief system? Sometimes we are functioning on old belief systems that no longer work for us. If you have earlier inner programs that are counter-productive, begin to notice their appearance & learn to diminish them. I suggested an audio program below that will assist you in locating these early programs. It is important to eradicate them from the early gardens. However, there many be some early programs that are useful, but need some nourishment. See if you can find these subconsciously. Ask your inner librarian to help you in this matter.

Experiential Self-Development Journaling

1. List three things you learned from this article that will help you personally or in your work.
2. What areas of your life are affected adversely by negative emotional visitors? How will you go about noticing them at lower levels?
3. What are some of your powerful positive emotional visitors? How will you remind yourself to bring them forward into more areas of your life?
4.What are some early belief systems that get in your way personally or at work?
5. What are some early belief systems that you would like to enhance in each area?

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