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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Locating & Retrieving Deep Down Resources

For those who have requested is a book clip from thoughtWARE - 101 Inner Mind Programs for Designing, Planning & Reaching Your Goals

Book Clip - Building Resources Hypnotically...

This series is taking you on a step by step adventure from choosing a goal to high level end goal results. If you have been working with the series you are already seeing changes happening all around you. Some have to do with the goals at hand, but other changes are subconscious mind spin-offs. This is how the mind works. Once we begin the wheels rolling, activity can be seen in all areas of our life.

I hope you are working with pen & journal, as well as goal folders. The better your inner & outer organization, the faster your goals will mature!

Your mind is your most powerful inner resource. It is important to learn to re-program your mind for what in you want & do make these programs in very great detail. Whatever you play in your mind becomes your goal. We tend to build negative programming in great detail & often share this with others that compounds it in the subconscious library. It is time to give that up & spend your energy in programming what you want. All details may not come forth at one time & often times we must cajole the subconscious librarian to send up the details. You can learn how to do this by listening to the Interactive Self-Hypnosis Workshop Audio Programs that are offered on my websites.

Your thoughts are valuable assets. Your thoughts seek more of the same. they are like radar or "servo-mechanisms." Take advantage of your positive goal-orientated thoughts, and they will bring you more information designed to guide you effortlessly towards your goal. For example, if you have decided to lose weight & see yourself as having been successful in your thought patterns, you will be more aware of ways to help you achieve this, such as great ideas for lower-fat or low-sugar recipes.

Your emotional states are valuable assets. All emotional states are highly charged & this energy can be harbored, as well as focused on the achievement of your goal. This is done through awareness meditative exercises & by imaging success pictures right in the moment. This is called Interactive Self-Hypnosis © & will speed you along you way towards your goals. You can benefit from all emotional states. In fact, your negative-based states are generally very "hot" & therefore, once transmuted can be applied to any goal with the same "heat."

Your stress levels are valuable assets. As you come to be aware of lower levels of stress & how to release it, you can transfer this available energy to your goal. If you focus on your goal during the actual releasing of a negative emotion, you will be attaching that energy to the goal, just as if the goal had a coat-hook & the released energy was a powerful coat.

Look to your past achievements, as well as failures to build resources. Simply relax & go back over your time-line, especially visiting any difficult periods You have power in your inner-bank account for each & every time you were successful in over-coming any obstacle or achieving any success. Your subconscious library is filled to the brim with powerful resources for you. Once located, they can be attached to any goal coat-hook.

Be aware of who supports you and who doesn't. Change can be threatening to others & even those who love us may not be as supportive as we expect. Keep your motivation high & be self-responsible for the choice of your goal. Your inner resolution & desire will make it occur. The higher the desire, the quicker the achievement. Keep your goal images hot!

Join a new support group. It is often helpful to be a part of a group with the same focus, but always make certain the group is positive & forward thinking. Some groups tend to stay in the problem & enjoy the re-hashing process. let your intuition be your guide & always remember, you are in charge of your own decisions & behaviors. becoming self-responsible is a valuable goal unto itself.

Learn to future pace. Just as a person can go back on the time-line & other resources, one can also go forward & place power in the future. This is called future-pacing. Simply relax deeply & see yourself at some time in the future already having your goal completed. See yourself relaxed, healthy & happy. Remember, the mind works backwards & this type of imagery engages the subconscious mind in helping you formulate an action plan to reach your goal.

Learn to be quiet about your goal. There is power in silence. For some reason, talkers have a higher percentage of failure when it comes to goal achievement. Simply set up your mind practice discipline & get on with your life as if you had already achieved all your goals. This is the secret to high level achievement.

Ask your goal for new ideas to build resources. All the information you will ever need is already present in your subconscious mind. Few of us access more than 2% of this. By utilizing original imagery you can glean very powerful information. Simply relax deeply & pretend you are having a conversation with your goal. Ask it to assist you in making it a success. Insist that it send you actual action plans to make this come true for you. Ask for the plans to very detailed & orderly. Do not be afraid to demand the cooperation of the goal & your subconscious mind. Remember that it ONLY acts in the face of high power emotion.

Experiential Self-Development

1. List three things you learned from this article that will help you personally or in your work.

2. What areas of your life are affected adversely by past thoughts? How will you go about noticing them at lower levels?

3. What are some of your powerful positive thoughts? How will you remind yourself to bring them forward into more areas of your life?

4. What are some failures that get in your way personally or at work?

5. What are some early achievements that you would like to apply to new areas?

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