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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Servicing Your Goal

For those who have requested is a book clip from thoughtWARE - 101 Inner Mind Programs for Designing, Planning & Reaching Your Goals

Book Clip - Goal Servicing....not unlike caring for your car...

This series is taking you on a step by step adventure from choosing a goal to high level end goal results. If you have been working with the series you are already seeing changes happening all around you. Some have to do with the goals at hand, but other changes are subconscious mind spin-offs. This is how the mind works. Once we begin the wheels rolling, activity can be seen in all areas of our life.

I hope you are working with pen & journal, as well as goal folders. The better your inner & outer organization, the faster your goals will mature!
Spend time with your goal, especially in the early days. Just like any other new endeavor, your goal needs your attention. It's a good idea to actually set a time in your daily planner to sit down with your journal, or other planning tools & review your progress. Interview the goal, asking feelings, emotions & advices to take you to completion with less efforting. If the goal has a "past failure file," spend some time reviewing it & editing it for success. Remember, you are the writer/producer/director of this goal & have full editing rights!

Learn what your goal needs on a daily basis. Obviously goals need different things. If you are changing your nutritional behaviours, you will need to plan your menus & make certain you have the needed foods available each & every day. If you are cutting back on alcohol & your work colleagues stop at the bar on the way home, you will need to work on how you will manage this, as well as putting these plans into your subconscious files with self-hypnosis.

Learn how to manage comments from others. Change always brings attention from others & not necessarily always positive. It is best to move past comments as quickly as possible. Try not to engage in long conversations about what you are doing & why you are doing it. Negativity is usually lurking around. Develop a mindset of a person who has had this new behavior for many years & it is old hat.

Keep your focus on yourself & your goals. Do not fall into the deadly trap of trying to change others, even if in your opinion they need changing. Once again, be quiet & mind your own business, even if you are cajoled & your ego is eager for the attention. Practice awareness meditation regularly. This will keep you in high level awareness & in position to change goal picture outcomes.

Spend time with your thought processes daily. Negative self-talk is destructive & will knock you off your goal path with one swift kick. Awareness meditative tools, interlaced with self-hypnosis will help you program your subconscious mind to wake you when your thoughts are not productive or self-full.

Practice self-discipline daily. No matter what your goal, the development of self-discipline is at the top of the list for all high achievers. It is also important to note, that when you become self-disciplined in other areas, this will enhance your abilities to stay on goal in any other area. When you are working with multiple goals, all will benefit from each other.

Practice stress management techniques daily. No matter what your goal, it is vitally important to have a good stress management program in place. Stress is responsible for 60-90% of disease processes, keeps the mind in a negative programming mode & away from goal success.

Practice high-level nutrition. No matter what your goal, the food & beverage you place in your body with either help or hinder you. All food & beverage act like drugs in the mindbody & it is important to stay in heightened awareness of how your body & mind respond to your intake.

Develop a balance in your life. Nothing is more important than living a balanced life. It is also an important factor in the management of stress. Listen to your body carefully & it will always indicate when you have fallen off the balance beam.

Keep a good sense of humor. This valuable asset is always available, ready to assist you in attaining your goal, as well as your health. You may also find you attract others of the same kind & that will benefit your environment.

Experiential Self-Development

1.List three things you learned from this article that will help you personally or in your work.

2.What areas of your life are affected adversely by past behaviors? How will you go about noticing them at lower levels?

3. What are some of your powerful positive behaviors? How will you remind yourself to bring them forward into more areas of your life?

4.What are some negative behaviors that get in your way personally or at work?

5.What are some positive behaviors that you would like to apply to new areas?

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