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Friday, October 13, 2006

Transmuting Crisis & Negativity

I give positive meaning to whatever comes my way. I transform crisis moments into value moments. I make my world....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

I'm not a Pollyanna person and while I believe in positive thinking, I simply don't believe it is enough to voice positive statements without planting or etching them deeply into the subconscious mind. Of course, I'm not knocking the power of positive thinking.... as long as the inner work is part of the process.

Most of us don't like the idea of negative thoughts, but yet we all have more than we need. The good news is that not only are they valuable, but if you come to know how to utilize them and if you're willing to experiment with them, they can become very powerful catalysts for change, especially if they are "highly charged." Working with heightened awareness and containment are key, for as you learn to become aware of even the smallest variety and then contain them, you are in the perfect mind-state or position to release them. As the release takes place, you are in the right physiological/emotional place to reprogram your subconscious mind for what you want, right on the back of the release. What happens is that the powerful released energy, fires off the new positive program with a huge bang!

When I work with affirmations I like to bundle them, giving my subconscious mind a set of clear directions as to what I want and need. Here we are going to direct the subconscious mind and body physiology out of crisis and into release. Then we can program it for something we want.

If you have been working with my books, CD's or mp3's, you know about designing "hot active imagery" and programming your own subconscious mind. You also know that affirmations can be direct or metaphorically implied. Both work well in directing the subconscious mind towards specific goal-orientated action.

To help you along, here are few complimentary mp3 downloads. Each is a full interactive self-hypnosis session & part of a complete 2-3 track series. Each are filled with active imagery & affirmations.
Self-Image Affirmations
Making Changes - Affirmations & Imagery
Blending Work & Personal Goals


Begin by repeating the affirmation bundle below. If you like say them out loud, so the resonance of your voice can help with the etching process.

I give positive meaning to whatever comes my way. I transform crisis moments into value moments. I make my world....

An important part of working with Interactive Self-Hypnosis is waking up to moments, noticing them as "things" or a unit of a whole. Each one of them is flavored or textured with emotions, rather like a marinade. The first part of this affirmation bundle presents the belief that there is positive meaning in whatever comes your way, or at least the potential for it. No matter how dark the emotional marinade, it can be brought to benefit you.....not later, but in the "now." Catching moments and changing their emotional/chemical coding is part of our inner work-out.

Here we learn the process and power of releasing or letting go. This is key to transforming or changing the marinade. Capture a moment that is either negative in nature, or at the very least neutral. Most of us don't have to look far for one. I just checked and located quite a few. Next.......label it. Name it whatever you like. Labeling or naming aids in the capture. Now take a deep yawn breath and locate yourself under the moment, just as if it were a balloon filled with helium, floating over your head.

Next, bring in a past memory of pleasure or locate something pleasurable around you. Make it simple. For example, I'm finding pleasure in my favorite pen. I love the way it feels in my hand. I'm focused and paying attention to my pleasure chemical sensations. Now let go of the balloon, observing it floating away from you.........way distant now. Check in with your body and then with your mind. Was this enough, or do you need to repeat the exercise? Once you become used to releasing and changing chemistry or marinade in this way, it will become second nature and your success will mount.

I'm now ready to re-program my mind-screen. I see or sense a gift box with a picture of a balloon, on it. My mind connects the balloon picture with the one that I just released. Inside the box is a beautiful gift. Perhaps I can make out what it is, or it may not be clear in this very moment. My subconscious mind does know that I released and now I've been gifted. Usually the clarity of the gift comes within the next few hours or when I get to relax deeply, perhaps during my ride home or in the bath or even in a dream state.

We work with crisis in the same way. Here we have lots of moments that have banded together in a negative form. We call it crisis. I always suggest that we be careful of how life experiences are labeled, because remember, what you think about is what you get. So watch your language. Sometimes we get into our victim mode and make things worse than they are. I just finished a session with a woman who utilized the "crisis" label at least ten times. No wonder she is so stressed !

When we are in true crisis, or a perceived one, we begin to capture moments, then going through our process of release. Working with individual moments is just as powerful, if not moreso, than trying to release a big crisis-chunk. Just like eating a pie. Smaller pieces work best.

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