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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Deepening Trance States

Attending the BlogAlong Workshop is just like being in one of my real workshops, only better. You have the opportunity to read & review the material presented, practice the exercises & then discuss both within the yahoogroup you have joined. If you haven't joined up for that part of the workshop, please contact me & I'll walk you through it. As I've mentioned before, those who truly participate gain the most. It is possible to be a lurker, but lurkers are like window shoppers who never seem to enter the store & actually get involved with what's going on. Some people lurk for years, even decades. I just received an email from a woman who has been lurking since childhood. Now she is sixty & still experiencing the same issues.


I've had some questions about deepening trance & the difficulty in working with the mind screen from that level. Yes, it is difficult to do so, but there are several things you can do IF you enjoy working at deeper levels. Start by relaxing deeply into the moment & then work with your journal utilizing automatic writing. If you would like to practice with this technique, I do have a CD or mp3 designed for this purpose. Once you are deeply relaxed, simply pick up your pen & communicate with your mind screen. Paint or display your images in words, just as if you were writing a letter to that part of you.

Let's use the example of having a sugar addiction or a disorderly eating pattern. Perhaps you want to have a look at some patterns or facets you have identified & would like to gather more information about their origin or maybe you would like to disengage some emotions or motivators that aren't working for you. Think of the particular pattern as a real "thing", something you can truly look at & study. How about that famous negative pattern of secret eating. We all know about that one! So describe what you notice about your involvement with it in your journal. Locate the emotions that are involved. See or think about them as little children wearing tee shirts that identify them. Dismiss the ones that don't work in your behalf & then call in some of the strong, powerful & positive parts of yourself. Write all of this down, as if you were describing your activity to someone. Now make the scene exactly as you would like it to be. In fact, make it better. Take your time. This time is well invested because we are working with your health & your life from now on forward. You will either get better or not. It's up to you & the work you choose to put into this journey.

Now, you are ready to deepen. There are many different ways to do this. I like feeling magnets pulling me down into my chair & seeing or noticing decending numbers fading out. Or, you can do this in a natural hyponogogic state, right before going to sleep. Once you are deeply down, enter the images that you designed, just as if you climbed up a ladder & entered the screen. Walk around & notice who is where. Go up to yourself & congratulate yourself on a job well done. Go over all parts of your image design. You might want to make it better at this point. Your subconscious mind might make some suggestions to you, because the work you have done is an inner indicator that you are ready for change & your mind will be willing to help you, even without asking. Keep in mind that your mind works backwards. It sees or senses the end goal of what you want & then takes you towards it.

If you need help deepening, I have several CD or mp3 programs for you. One is called Deepening & the other is a deep relaxation program called Mental Biofeedback or Body Scanning. It works directly with your body sensations, teaching you to open or release them, thereby slowing your brain waves.


Not everyone in the workshop has eating issues, but most of us do. We may not see them, but they are there. It goes without saying that our restaurants, supermarkets, etc. reflect the way we live & unfortunately this is not a healthy way. We tend to manage stress with food, caffeine, drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. All of these take away from the power of your mind & your inherent creativity. To me, this is the biggest sin or loss. It's so sad to think about what could be if we only corrected 50%. Think about it. What would you choose to have if you were given such an opportunity. Would you write a book, become competitive in sports, develop a new product, invent something, find a cure for a disease, study something different, get a degree or become an entrepreneur?

I'm encouraging you today to look for those facets that are tripping you up. They are all over the place. In fact, I'm involved in one right now, despite the fact that I know better. I've been working non-stop all day, trying to catch up from my time off in the Galapagos. I tend to be a workaholic & so right now, I'm going to finish up & meditate for a bit. I think I'll go to my mind screen & program these workaholic facets to diminish, so that I'll have less tendencies to do this. I know what's for dinner & it is healthy. Part of me is asking for a glass of wine, but that will not happen tonight. This request is from that part of me that wants that kind of reward for over-working. Obviously, that makes no sense. I don't reward negative behavior any longer. Am I a saint? No, not at all, but I do want to ahcieve my goals, but in a healthy fashion.

As you get to noticie your thought & emotional facets, you will begin to make real progress. As you clean & clear you will have space for new programs. Without the cleaning out, there simply isn't space, nor energy for prosperity.

Think about it....... what are you going to do with your facets today?

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Welcome back to the BlogAlong Self-Development Workshop. This online workshop follows my books/programs including Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, Beyond Disorderly Eating, the Mind & Body Fitness Boot Camp, Stop Nail Biting Now: 4 Steps to Success, as well as many of my CD/mp3 programs. If you are new to the Workshop, please read the early entries because this is like any other workshop you might attend. If you are late, there are things you have missed that will interfere with your understanding of the process for the attainment of high level health & performance.

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