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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Planting Affirmations

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Most of us have too much to do, or at least we think so. It's hard to convince someone who believes that they are extremely busy, stressed & over-worked that they are not or that there is something that they can do about it. It's almost as if one wants to keep this mind & body state & will even fight to do so. Listen in on the conversation of others as they commisserate with each other. Think about this for a minute.......what would happen if one of them said that they feel absolutely energetic, happy, content & successful. No doubt that person would be rediculed or even banned from the negative mind club.'s difficult to change & to stay changed in a world where negativity rules.

It's actually rare to find someone who doesn't think & live through a veil of negativity, & I'm no different from the aformentioned group. However, when I wake up to this belief, I need to relax deeply & open my mind screen because I know that I'm wearing an emotional overcoat that is taking me towards addiction, as well as blocking my creativity.... two areas that need cleaning, clearing & better definition. I know all to well from life experience, that if I don't tend to these matters, I'll continue to tread water in relation to my goals, while my stressors try to pull me down into the deep where I will drown from stress-related disease. Strange as it may seem, one place I tend to find positive-minded people is in the gym at six in the morning. That's one of the reasons I like to go there at that time.


We know how to locate the mind screen & enter. We know that we can simply observe quietly or we can become more pro-active & enter the action. There are many other ways we will utilize the mind-screen, but for now, let's practice what we already know & become proficient at it. Remember, the more we practice, the easier it is to break a negative pattern in the workshop of the world & program for change.

As we observe the mind-screen, let's place some negative-based images of too much to do. Each of us will have a different scenario, because obviously we are all living different lives, even though they may have many things in common such as working outside the home, being a wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, friend, colleage, being a stay at home parent, job responsibilities & expectations of others, travel to & from, daily tasks, community obligations, self-care, etc. Some of the tasks have formed rituals & others have not. Some are interrupters & others come forth & push as they grab our wrist watch or clock. Besides all of the above we have our thoughts to contend with,including plenty of fantasy.....much tending to lean towards worry & other negative emotions.

It's easy to see from the partial list above, why it is often difficult to get up in the morning, face the world & stay free of addiction. Why then do we look down on the individual who is having a good day, who is happy, creative & successful? This is a very important question to ask yourself, even if you are the happy & creative person. BTW, for some reason happy people are often the subject of gossip.......what's that all about?

Nevertheless, this is our goal & wrist watch watching is the subject for today. I would like to challenge you to keep your awareness at a heightened level & listen for other's who are chatting in a negative fashion, as well as your very own thoughts, entertained emotions & mind images. When you locate them, please place a mind-X on each occurance & then clear the mind screen. Some of you may need to spray it with lysol. I'd also like you to notice the time spent on this activity on your watch or clock. It's very important to pay attention to the amount of time we waste on these activities, for it is this time that will be attached to new creative endeavors, be they solving our own issues, or exploring goals that perhaps we haven't even thought about in our mind's eye. I'm sure that most of you have heard that we only utilize about 10% of our creative mind, but actually it's much less than that, nearer to 2%.

Tonight, just before going to sleep, visit your mind screen clock & notice how much time you harvested today. The time before falling to sleep is very valuable, because we are in what is called the hypnogogic state. This means that the brain waves are slowed, we can clear debris & disorder with a few suggestions to the subconscious librarian & we can program dreams for exploring or problem solving.

Here are some ideas for you....

SUGAR ADDICTION, DISORDERLY EATING & ADDICTION MANAGEMENT - Using the affirmation, "I AM & I CAN", imagine yourself going through your day following your mind-mentor who knows all the answers to what you need to bring forth into your "workshop of the world." He or she will take you into the different facets of your eating issue & clean it up for you, then adding the positive things that you need from that shelf over there.

SELF-HYPNOSIS, BOOT CAMP & ACCELERATED LEARNING PARTICIPANTS - Using the affirmation, "I AM USING MY TIME EFFECTIVELY & EFFICIENTLY, notice your mind-clock minutes are being presented to you. You can now enter the department store over there & purchase whatever you choose that will benefit your highest desires. Notice that you wish that you had more spendable minutes & your mind-mentor is assuring you that tomorrow night you will have more than tonight.

MEDICAL & PAIN MANAGEMENT PARTICIPANTS - Using the affirmation, "I'M RELEASING STRESS & OPENING MY BODY FOR HEALING", notice that your mind-mentor is taking your minutes & applying them to the areas of your body that need healing or management. As they touch, those areas open & you can observe or sense the healing taking place. How good this feels. You are doing this for you. You are in charge. You have given up your hopeless/helpless coat & it is being removed from my life area. Tomorrow night you will have more opportunities to do even more for yourself. How good you feel about this.

PREGNANCY & BIRTHING PARTICIPANTS - Using the affirmation, MY CHILD IS GROWING WITHIN ME EVERY MOMENT & I CARE FOR THESE MOMENTS AS THEY MELD WITH MY CHILD, notice that you are being presented with your clock moments & you are now placing them directly on your growing child. Notice how the child changes as you do so. Each moment you have the power to enhance the health of your growing fetus. Sense the power that you have. Affirmation - I stay focused, in good balanced emotional energy & feed my child.

NAIL BITING, SKIN PICKING & DISTRUCTIVE HABIT PARTICIPANTS - Using the affirmation, ALL PARTS OF ME ARE LIVING. I LOVE MYSELF. Notice that your time moments are being applied to your finger nails, hair follicles, skin areas & they are not only healing, but they are better than ever before. Truly sense them & honor yourself for the care that you have collected throughout the day. See & sense these beautiful parts of you, noticing that they are actively communicating with you, either through sound, speech or a message of love in return for what you have done for them.

PHOBIA & ANXIETY/PANIC PARTICIPANTS - Using the affirmation, I AM FREE TO BE THE ME I CHOOSE TO BE, notice that your collected moments are snowing on you, forming a protective shell that glimmers. How calm it is inside here. How safe I feel. I am free to grow & experience my life in the way I choose. Your mentor is opening new opportunity doors for you, places that you have not been before & as you float nearer to them, you can feel the safety & security of your own Self.

SPORTS PARTICIPANTS - Using the affirmation, I FLOAT FREELY DURING MY SPORT PERFORMANCE, SEEING WHAT I WANT BEFORE IT HAPPENS, notice that your time moments are lighting up your own affirmation & placing it up on the skyline for you to admire. Observe yourself participating in your sport underneath the glow of your affirmation that you powered through your own daily work.

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