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Monday, July 02, 2007

Putting on your Action Boots

This is a BlogAlong Workshop. This means that you are invited to work with specialized tools of Active Awareness & Interactive Self-Hypnosis to reach your goals, while cleaning up those life patterns that may have been blocking you for decades & possibly your whole life. As you follow along, your own subconscious mind will become your Workshop Mentor. I'll step to the side & guide you, as you continue to work at this high level of creative thought. You will be able to spot your emotions as they peak around the corners of your life experiences, asking for your permission to join in or not. This is a very different state of affairs from their old "automatic pilot" appearances, often causing creative chaos instead of whatever it is you want to build or achieve.

There is much material to cover in this workshop & next week I'll provide you with some sort of a syllabus that will follow my books & CD/mp3's. I also have complimentary mp3's posted for you, the links located below. I also hope to have a live online class a bit later on.


This workshop is taking you on a step by step adventure from choosing a goal to high level end goal results. If you have been working with the series you are already seeing changes happening all around you. Some have to do with the goals at hand, but other changes are subconscious mind spin-offs. This is how the mind works. Once we begin the wheels rolling, activity can be seen in all areas of our life.

I hope you are working with pen & journal, as well as goal folders. The better your inner & outer organization, the faster your goals will mature!

Look for ways to keep your goal new. Boredom can really dampen a new behavior. For example, if you are changing your dietary habits & you keep bringing the same boring salad for lunch, it won't be long before your old habits start knocking at the door.

Make a conscious effort to stay "new." Look at one of your goals right now & notice if it is stale. If so, right now in the theater of your mind, see the ways to freshen it up. Now schedule one thing to do today. This is an example of utilizing self-hypnotic exploration with action steps. While it sounds simplistic on the surface, make no mistake. Your subconscious librarian has made inner notes on this new change.

Watch for emotions that interfere with focus. In order to succeed, you need to keep a high level of focus on the goal. Certain emotions such as anxiety, fear, depression & other negative states literally grab your flashlight & turn it off. For example, when you are under stress, your goal loses clarity. Awareness meditation allows you to notice shifts in focus & interactive-self hypnosis allows you to get back on track & even enhance your goal in that moment.

Look at your goal from a new perspective. Sometimes we need to stop & have a look at how we are living our new challenge. It is not uncommon to find we have lost enthusiasm for the original project. We may be viewing it as a "drag" instead of something great we are working to achieve. Simply staying in awareness can be a turning point to re-energize the goal.

Notice what distracts you from your focus. Often distractions are very subtle. You may find yourself lost in thoughts of old behaviors that we enjoyed, even if they weren't healthy. Bingers miss bingeing, smokers miss lighting up & compulsive shoppers sign as they drive by shopping malls less frequented. Staying aware of this subtle inner programming keeps us in "choice."

Enjoy practicing persistence. Developing & practicing staying on focus can be very enjoyable. It can actually place the mind & body in a flow experience, that is not only healthy, but also fruitful for all future goals. Again awareness is KEY. Celebrate your ability to achieve even small steps. This builds self-esteem & enhances your self-image.

Continue to work with your goal on a personal level. A good imaginology exercise for this type of work is the "Board of Directors Table." Choose six board members to assist you. These can be people you know & admire, or even people you don't know, but admire. In your mind's eye, call your goal to the table & ask the members to interview the goal & then present advice for making it better & better. Your goal can also have input. The goal image may have some very good ideas that were out of your conscious awareness.

Practice "eating the crust" first. If there are difficult parts to keeping your goal in progress, do these things FIRST. For instance, if you like dusting, but hate cleaning the bathrooms, do these FIRST. If you dislike exercising, plan to do it the FIRST thing in the morning. You will find your levels of motivation change. If there is a part of you BLOCKING, do learn the tools of awareness meditation to move through these blocks & expand your goal progress.

Stay flexible. Although we want to stay passionate about our goal, it is just as important to be able to bend somewhat. We are not perfect all of the time & perfectionism is NOT a healthy goal. Learn to relax & enjoy the journey.

See your goal as an exciting journey. Most of us are very task orientated & the goal often becomes just another drudge in a long line of things to do. Think instead of a wonderful journey into areas you have not previously visited. Become aware & notice new things. Some things may have negative connotations, but they are also important. Those are rocks that once transmuted will become your beautiful rock garden; a place where new exotic plants will take hold. Never back away or down from the negative corners on the journey. This is where ordinary people turn to become champions.

Anticipate interruptions & roadblocks. Once again, planning is our best friend. Figure out in advance how you are going to handle perceived problem areas. For instance, if your vacation is coming & your goal is to avoid over-spending, do some long range planning in YOUR MIND'S EYE. If you have become a non-smoker & you are going to be with friends who smoke, do plan & practice this event in YOUR MIND'S EYE. This is the work of CHAMPIONS.

Experiential Self-Development

1.List three things you learned from this article that will help you personally or in your work.

2.Pick one of your goals & practice interviewing it. What is the first question you would ask? And now the second question? Make certain to relax before working in this way.

3.What emotional states are famous for getting in your way? Do they hang out in all goal gardens, or only some? Take them to the interview room or have your Board of Directors interview them & make suggestions for change.

4.Look for the "crust" on one of your goals. Plan to act on this part first. Do this right now & write an action step related to the "crust" in your daytimer & do it.

5.Take one goal & image yourself on the goal journey. Notice what you pass & what roadblocks you over-come as you go forward. Enjoy your successes in all parts of the journey. Write about your experience in your journal & then ask the goal for further suggestions.


Few of us understand the supreme importance of self-care. Without giving to ourselves in this way, we cannot give to others. This is an ideal program for those who have suffered abuse or who are in abusive relationships, either with others or with themselves.
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