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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Importance of Paying Attention...

I've been writing and producing programs in the field of mindbody health and optimum performance for over 30 years now. Within this blog, you are invited to join with me, as I work to design even more specialized programs in my own genre of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. This means that the participant can enter the trance state "right in the moment", and complete the mind editing and change work in heightened awareness. This is what the climber in the picture is doing...... Obviously it is very important for him to be and stay in full awareness. While you might not engage in such a potentially dangerous sport, it is just as important for you to truly pay attention to what is happening in your own life.

Perhaps it is a good idea to give you a bit of background into self-hypnosis. First off the bat, hypnosis is not alternative medicine nor is it "magic. It is a natural function of the mind and body. Truth be known, we tend to drift in and out of hypnotic trance throughout our day. We might know this as daydreaming or brain fog.

When we work with therapeutic hypnosis or hypnosis for change, we actually wake up from our self-imposed hypnotic trance state. So, self-hypnosis is about waking up and then going back into trance to reprogram our mind for what we want. When we are daydreaming, we are often as not programming our mind for what we don't want. Much daydreaming is in negative thought patterns. You will come to know that the mind does not judge, and so whatever you think, becomes the goal for the mind. The mind will actually make a plan for you to get it!

The applications for Interactive Self-Hypnosis are vast. To give you some small idea, you might have a look at my list of available CD programs. These only touch the surface of what is possible with self-hypnotic tools such as Interactive Self-Hypnosis and Heightened Awareness.

Less than 2% of the population understand how to utilize the power of their mind and body on a conscious level, much less a subconscious level. In this blog we will be exploring the many different ways to do this. You might also choose to attend one of my free online classes, or join one of the many discussion groups. That information is available on my websites. Those are located at and You can also learn more about our programs at

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