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Thursday, October 05, 2006

What you ask is what you get...

We learn best by our willingness to look deeply into the subject at hand & then asking questions about one facet or another. As an answer comes forward, be willing to entertain it, once again looking deeply into it's core, for that is where the magic is located. And then, be open to questioning the answer...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

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Serious Goal Building &
Inner Organization
Goal Achieving with Affirmations


The health of trees depends on the quality of the roots. These are fed & cared for over a period of years, often decades & even centuries. This is a good metaphor for our own mind & body & so the next area we will enter is the Mind & Body Health Goal Garden. This is the biggest garden on the path & rightly so. Health & proper care & consideration for each body department is connected to high level health, performance & goal achievement in all other areas in life. In other words, your health is everything.

What's fascinating to me is how little people know or even think about the many different body departments, unless there is one that is screaming out for some reason. Most people sit back & take the different departments for granted & never considering that a part of the body may be suffering in some way & perhaps getting ready for a break-down. Keep in mind, that break-downs can be very serious, taking one down the path towards becoming a "statistic."

There are only two directions to travel in this life. One goes towards illness & death & the other towards wellness & health. Keep in mind that even when one has a chronic or life-threatening disease, one can go towards the highest level of wellness while still managing that disease. It is your self-responsibility to perform the highest level of care to each body department & in so doing, you will be assisting those departments that are fighting any disease. As long as you are alive & willing to be an active participant in your own life, there is possibility for healing.

Over-arching Goal Umbrella

You already know that it is important to design an over-arching goal for each separate garden on your goal-den path. Keep in mind that the mind & body health garden is the most important garden. It contains plants representing each separate body part, as well as departments or system groups. For example, the stomach is a part of the digestive system. It needs to be cared for as a singular organ BUT it interplays continually with it's SYSTEM buddies including the small & large intestines, the esophagus, gallbladder, etc. The pancreas is a separate part BUT interplays with the gastrointestinal system & it's own endocrine SYSTEM.

It helps to impress on yourself that all body part & system plants are connected by an underground root system. This is a self-hypnotic suggestion & each time you think in this way, a matching thought or image will appear & then etch on your mind screen. Simple images such as this can be very effective in motivating change. Another powerful subconscious mind suggestion is that the stronger support the weaker, so if there is a break-down in any part or system, it is very important to pay extra-ordinary attention & care to ALL parts.

Think logically for a moment. Suppose you are in a weakened condition & NEED help from stronger allies. Would you, or would you not make certain that your allies had everything they needed so they would be able to tend to your needs? The body is no different.

The body parts/systems need high level nutrition that is specifically designed to meet your specific mind & body needs. This includes understanding your family & personal medical history, knowing the size of your lean body mass, while taking into careful consideration your exercise, activity & emotional/physical stress levels. Besides the nutritional component, your body parts & departments also need a powerful stress management program that turns off the production of stress chemicals while producing healing chemicals. You will also benefit from resetting your "normal stress level" & your internal system that announces the arrival of stress that places the body & mind at risk. Truth be known, most of us don't pay attention to body signals alerting us to trouble & so we need to correct that. You will learn to do this with interactive self-hypnosis.


Setting over-arching goals is not difficult once you get the hang of it. I like to pretend that I'm writing a short, but detailed letter to my-SELF, describing how things are going. I may point to some specific goals, but not all of them. The umbrella is like an over-all "flavor." It is always positive & affirming. No negatives or weeds are ever found in this area.

Here's an example of my over-arching goal umbrella goal for my mind & body health garden. I start by labeling the garden & drawing or thinking an active image or mind-video that represents this area. This focus tool or containment helps my subconscious mind to center & to work along with me. I then write a letter to my Self, describing my ideal mind & body state, just as if I already had everything I could possible want. The subconscious mind works backwards. As these word-images are etched deeper & deeper into the mind, the ways for achieving these will be forthcoming. As I re-read my letter to my-SELF each day, the suggestions will further etch & my inner mind will bring forth new suggestions & actions automatically. These will point me in the direction that I have outlined. I will begin to receive, as well as find things in my daily experiences that MATCH or support my goal images. My subconscious mind will also scan my inner files & present supporting files from the past that will also assist me.

Dear Self,

I'm happy to report how well I'm doing with managing my body & also my mind. I now understand how everything is connected. I'm eating correctly for the needs of my body. The little mistakes I had been making have been corrected & now I understand how connected these were to my physical & emotional well-being. You can see from my photo that I am at my ideal body fat percentage & have lots of energy. I have fun each day doing the things I need to do to stay at this high level of health & performance. I'm happy & in charge of my life & outcomes. I love being in charge!! I am the writer, director & producer of my life. I uncover new ways to make things even better. I love being free of medication & having positive thoughts & conversations with myself. My creativity is showing itself more frequently. Everything has come together for me.

Looking underneath the umbrella - Once the umbrella has been designed, it is time to set individual goals. You will also want to, identify emotions & old patterns that may be interfering with what you want. You also have emotions & old patterns that can be helpful. It's rather like cleaning the attic. While you have these things available, you may not be aware, especially of the helpful ones. In fact, you might be seeing everything through a negative lens. If this is so, you will be programming your mind for what you don't want. It's much easier to understand now how heightened awareness & label-pinpointing are KEY to your positive mind programming.


Here are some of my goals in this garden. I suggest that you follow my outline below & utilizing your journal for setting up your individual goals in this very important area.

A. Individual Goals

Improve daily nutritional intake & choices to counter-act boredom.

Remove caffeine completely.

Drink 8+ glasses of water.

Introduce green tea & research it's benefits.

Hypnotically "contain" favorite food choices - once per week.

Remove alcohol completely.

Add more green vegetables to dinner.

Teeth - cleaning every 3 months.

Floss after meals.

Exercise 4 times per week - mornings.

Meditate each morning & "bank meditation" during day.

Practice emotional management daily.

Place new affirmations in this area by way of my journal.

Reward myself daily in some small, but meaningful way.

Remember, I'm the writer, director & producer of my life.

Your work...................

B. Positive Emotions & Patterns to Enhance:
These are some positive emotions that I already have in mind-storage that will add great fertilizer to this area.

Hot desire







Release & letting go


Your work...................

C. Beliefs to Enhance
Here are a few beliefs to plant here. These are affirmations that I already have in mind-storage. When planting affirmations, relax deeply into the moment, tilt your eyes up gently, see & sense an emotionalized image that matches the words.

I'm the writer, director & producer of my life.

Moments count & add up !

I'm in charge.

I am.

Your work...................

In the next blog/workshop I'll be addressing negative emotions & patterns that need diminishing in this particular area of my life. It is tremendously beneficial to get to know your dark side & the emotions you tend to go towards. Remember that you can only change what you can see.