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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Self-Rehabilitation - A Walk into Optimum Health

The desire to rehabilitate yourself can be very powerful & open doors to areas of creativity that were always there but simply sleeping. Calls to self-rehabilitate can come from health concerns, lack of focus, relationship problems, work issues & a host of other areas. Finally understanding that what you are doing isn't working & something has to change is actually a big gift, even though it may be wrapped in frightening paper... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Being overwhelmed is a common fear that appears in this moment of awakening. It's rather like a big plate of pasta, each separate strand tangled around each other. However, it's easier to attack a plate of pasta than the multi-strands of life & one rarely procrastinates over the pasta, but instead digs right in.

However, when life is seen as one big plate full of strands, its more common to freeze in fear & then stay locked up in procrastination which is simply another kind of fear. Unfortunately, a large percentage of our population, adults & children alike, live in this scary place. It's good to know that it is possible to break free of this paralyzing fear-state & here in my workshop for the thoughtWARE Books, you will learn to do that & much more. Keep in mind that you are the writer, director & producer of your life & it's time to re-write a few things.


We all have a tendency to live in automatic pilot programs. Many of these mind programs do not reflect what we truly want, but yet most of us keep doing the same over & over. The thoughtWARE Books are all about breaking out of the automatic mind state, then stopping to make an assessment. Notice that we don't just jump into something else in a compulsive fashion. Instead we awaken, stop to assess & then choose the best course of action.

Stopping after awakening works as a subconscious mind suggestion to clear the mind for reviewing & then to make choices. This little but powerful procedure actually stimulates the mind to bring forth new creative ways & means. Motivation can also be integrated at this juncture, even before the actual goal of the moment is decided upon.


Think back to the plate of pasta & it becomes easy to understand why few people decide to walk this walk in it's entirety. Obviously it's a tall order, considering all the areas in life that have need of rehabilitation.

To accomplish this objective one needs a very detailed program design or gestalt, formulated on living images of what one truly wants to experience. Also needed is an excellent action plan & most importantly, a very special coach to consistently provide inner & outer motivation..

Now where do you find this? Right here, in the workshop for the thoughtWARE Books. These are designed to provide all of the tools you will need for managing this task. You will learn how to utilize them right in the moment, so they will always be at your fingertips.

When should you begin?

I suggest with your very next breath. I'd like you to recognize that you are on the merry-go-round of life & are free to choose your mindset, just as if it were a hat sitting absent-mindedly on your head. Take off any mind-set hat that isn't working to your benefit. Look especially for mindsets that keep you in a negative or victim frame of mine.

Once you are awake & wearing a new mindset, you are ready to move on to collecting the kinds of tools that you will need for daily work if you are to become healthier both physically & emotionally. Settling into this position, you are now ready to program your own subconscious mind for what you want. You are now ready to go & get those things.

Things to know first....

My blog or workshop for the thoughtWARE Books is divided into sections. In an earlier entry I posted the 4 steps. Here they are again.

Readers come to know that this is not the place for a quick fix. This is a workshop; a place for getting to the bottom of things & working them through the process. Those who do this will be rewarded by both their mind & body. Few of us utilize more than 2% of our brain function. This work will dramatically increase this percentage, the amount depending on you & you alone. Here you are your own Master Architect & will determine your outcomes.


Preparing to take charge & to make healthy lifestyle changes involves a very special kind of planning. This planning means that you will be needing information about yourself that may not be in your current memory bank, but waiting for you in your subconscious mind library. Some of these things will pertain to your family of origin, as well as from your own health history starting from the time you were a child and up through today.

You will also be reclaiming memory files about your beliefs, how you got them and whether or not they are blocking your recovery from addiction or your rehabilitation in other areas. In this chapter you will learn how to access this information and utilize for healing as well as for heightened creativity & goal achievement. This special work is called your personal self-assessment, rather like an in-depth self-portrait. As you continue working through the thoughtWARE Books you will be referring back to this area.

The next entry will begin the Inner Self-Assessment.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.

Revisiting Childhood

Help.....My Life is Killing Me! is a practical how to book focused on healing & managing out of control lives that are rapidly going towards chronic & killer diseases, as well as emotional breakdown. Follow along as I write this book, based on my decades of work with patients, employees, employers, as well as clients in my office & workshops....

Today I'm working with Jennifer. You might remember about her compulsive-emotional eating issues, as well as her difficulty in identifying areas that cause her to feel stressful. Jennifer tends to run away from discussion about her disorderly eating, choosing to see it as both an impossible task to manage, as well as one best left alone. However, no one twisted her arm to come to the workshop & so there is a part of her that wants to get her control back, not only in this area of her life, but in other areas as well.


Everything begins somewhere. That includes Jennifer's issues with emotional & compulsive eating. Somewhere she learned how to manage both her inner & outer stressors in this way. And so, there was a time that existed before she managed in this way. This means that she does know how to manage her stress in a different way & even if that way is no longer appropriate, such as a baby screaming & kicking, she is older now, more mature & able to place new stress responses in place.

As Jennifer sits with this concept she will feel her personal power returning. She does have choices & can decide what she prefers to do to get the outcomes she wants. I did have to check if she really wants something different, because it's not uncommon for someone to want to keep a disorderly behavior, be it eating, drinking, smoking, etc. Here's what Jennifer had to say in this regard.

To be honest, I can recognize times in my life when I enjoyed hurting myself in this way. It sounds strange to admit to this, but the pain felt good. Sometimes this had to do with other people, but sometimes it was only about me. There are still parts of the binge I enjoy, but I've come to realize that I must give this up if I want to achieve the things in life that are important to me. I want to be a nurse & one day to have a family of my own. I can feel the desire for these things rising within me & so I have to say good-bye to the old, sick behaviors of self-punishment. Yes, I'm ready.

We all know how to bring up memories. Talking about the past is common place, but here you will be exploring the past in a light interactive self-hypnotic state. This is called regression, or working the time-line & is a very important tool for self-assessment.

Just like getting on a bus & going down a particular road, it’s is an easy way to turn the clock back & review particular areas of interest. Here you are going to regress for the purpose of reviewing your health files from your childhood years. You will be going back to the beginning & them reviewing forward up to the present.

This method of regression & self-examination allows your Inner Librarian or Coach to present information in an orderly way & you will then be able to work with these files later on. Everything you are experiencing today is connected to past health files. It helps, especially when working with something like disorderly eating or addictions, to see the early connections. It helps to remove guilt, as well as confusion as to why you feel the way you do & why you have these problems to manage.


Time-line work begins in the same way you relaxed earlier on, so go back to the deep relaxation exercise, inviting your mind & body to deeply relax. Once again, make certain you will not be disturbed. Tilting your eyes slightly upwards about twenty degrees, begin your bus journey back to the time you were a young child. Find the quiet area in your mind & take a few moments to enjoy how pleasant it is to be in the quiet mind space. Notice you are in a big library. The shelves are filled with books. Go to the area marked "early works" & take your childhood health book off the shelf. Notice your name is on the cover & that you are the author. Don't be surprised if your baby picture is on the cover. Be sure to notice how beautiful you are.

Open the book at the beginning. It doesn't matter that you don't consciously remember any of this. Let your subconscious librarian lead you without efforting. Just allow it to happen. Now ask to see any & all information about your birth health status. You will be conversing with your subconscious mind through imagery, so beginning at the top of the baby's head scan slowly downwards & notice any areas that seem to beckon you to stay a moment longer. Notice you are doing this exercise as the observer of the baby. This allows you to stay in your adult self & manage a good assessment.

Truly get re-acquainted with your young self. Step back & look at the infant or young child as a whole. Notice that you can communicate with your self at any & all ages.

Do you appear healthy?
Were you happy?
Were you stressed?
Can you identify the source of your stress?
How did you manage your stress?
Were you under-weight or over-weight ?
Did anyone tell you that you were?
Were there any surgeries or hospitalizations?
Were there any serious illnesses or chronic problems?
Does your Inner Librarian have any special messages for you from the child?

Make some notes in your journal about images that presented themselves to you. It's rather like remembering aspects of a dream. They may not make much sense right now, but the images were triggered for a purpose & they will make themselves clear either now or later.

Weight issues or those related to disorderly eating, even if they were only perceptions of others can cause scarring. Past illness or surgery can also hold scars, both physical & emotional, well beyond what the eye can see. Sometimes these highly charged memories get in the way of current or future goals & even non-health related ones.

Remember we are always learning & some lessons may not be in our best interest & can interfere with the development of belief systems. It is important to work without judgment & evaluation. Open your mind to trust for everything presented has value.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Addiction, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.