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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Help.....My Life is Killing Me

Secret Self - Owning the Binge & Behaviors

The Self & behaviors we show the world are often not who we are, nor what we are about. We simply practice a life masquerade. The true Self, waiting in the wings of life, holds a reflecting mirror & a box filled to the brim with secrets. If we choose to live an authentic & healthy life, we must willing to look in the reflecting mirror & to explore the secrets. True change is then possible.... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The thoughtWare blog provides the tools for self-exploration. We come to realize that it is not difficult.... it's just a matter of being willing to take this special time for ourselves.

Relaxing into the moment, focus on the reflecting mirror......noticing your Self looking back with a pleasant & accepting facial expression, intuitively knowing it is time to de-hypnotize your Self from any blocking emotions that may be keeping you from "not wanting to know" whatever it is......


You are no different from anyone else in this regard, myself included. No matter what method you utilize to deny or excuse your negative or destructive behaviors, each time you do this, you are actively participating in killing off parts of your mind, body & spirit.

The reflecting mirror image assists you in opening your mind with true honesty, easily noticing what has been blocking you...emotions or behaviors........seeing them for what they truly are & not what they tell you they are.....Blocks such as these are nothing more than a ruse or hoax. In simple terms, you've been had.

I'm the first one to admit that it's not easy to be truly honest & authenic. It can be both alarming & scary to to look in the reflecting mirror, to be willing to focus on your total Self.... to own the unattractive parts. But as you begin to wake up from your self-imposed hypnosis, you come to realize that it is more frightening not to do so.

Each time you play the game of denial or excuse, the destructive behavior or emotion gains power as it etches itself deeper into it's very own subconscious mind pattern. Your authentic or True Self becomes imprisoned in whatever form the distruction may take, making it not only more difficult to break free, but sometimes appearing next to impossible; exactly what the destructive behavior would like you to believe.


I honestly don't know anyone who has not experienced self-destruction in one form or another. Here we will look at the word "binge"....using it as a harbor for behaviors or emotions that tend to destroy. The word binge is used frequently in relation to eating disorders or alcohol consumption, but just about any destructive behavior or emotion can be considered a binge. The behavior or emotion can be the problem unto itself, or it may be utilized to keep the denial of another problem in place. It's not difficult to find binge issues related to disorderly eating, sugar addiction, alcohol, smoking, recreational & prescription drugs including sleeping pills, shopping, gambling & even compulsions such as nail biting, skin picking & all sorts of "acting out."

A binge behavior or emotion is rarely singular, instead having many facets, some easy to see & others lying below the surface, not unlike an iceberg. I feel it is important to evaluate the level of the binge for even low-level binges, if repeated frequently, can bring distruction to the Self.


You already know that it is challenging to look into the reflecting mirror with true honesty. As you hold your box of secrets....notice that they are separate from you. You are not your secrets & they are not you. In this instance they are simply behaviors or emotions that need your attention & care. If you look closely at them you will see a jewel of sorts in each one. This is the gift or power that is waiting to be released as you gently address the parts of each one. This is an integral part of Self-Mastery.

It's fine to work with one at a time. You may know what these are, or you may not. This is a good opportunity to ask your subconscious mind or Higher Power to assist you in identifying your secrets or blocks. If you are working alone, try some automatic writing. Relax deeply as you write the Self-exploration question on your paper. No need for formality....write as if you were speaking directly to this special part of your Self.

What do you need?

What would you like to know?

What area of your life appears to have the most blocks or secrets?

Each facet of each secret or binge behavior is separate......each holding it's own power. As these are identified or named without "holding court on them"...........the power or jewel of healing is released.

As you learn to mind-frame in this creative way, you will find it easier to practice authenticity........your Self Image & Self Esteem boasting your latest jewels.

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