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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Subconscious Mind Assistants

Automatic programming is continually taking place, & so we need to call on "inner mind assistants" to help us through this very important work... Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Help.....My Life is Killing Me! is a practical how to book focused on healing & managing the huge number of out of control lives that are rapidly going towards chronic & killer diseases, as well as emotional breakdown. Follow along as I write this book, based on my decades of work with patients, employees, employers, as well as clients in my office & workshops....


Here we are working with specific mind images for inner organization, emotional & thought management. Relax into the moment....taking your time to do so. Remember you don't have to be in deep trance to work hypnotically, but the more relaxed you are the better, especially in the beginning. As you practice more & more, it will be easier to enter the subconscious mind quickly. Competitive athletes are good examples of individuals who do this all the time. It's called the "mind game."

After reading this, I'd like you to close your eyes gently, tilting them up about 20 degrees. There is your mind screen. And now, I'd like you to develop an image of your subconscious mind librarian or inner assistant. Both are great images & work very well here in the thoughtWARE workshop, as well as in active life. This assistant will be your first line of command in asking for what you want & need in any given moment.


Thoughts, mind pictures & inner radio that play continually form directives or orders in your conscious mind. In hypnosis these are called suggestions. Some of these are useful to you & others are not. Some are related to current work & others are not. Your inner assistant will help to keep inner order based on your specific requests. Keep in mind that your subconscious filing cabinet is huge. Besides your automatic programs, you have an unlimited number of choices that may be better suited to meeting your needs in any particular situation. Your assistant can bring these to your attention if you give directives for that. In your work here, you will learn how to wake up, assess what’s playing & make a program switch if appropriate.

As you learn your way around your “inner filing cabinet & subconscious library” you will find many different kinds of files that can be utilized to meet your needs. Here among other things you will find past experience files, as well as future files that haven't even happened yet. With a little practice will be able to see how these connect with your belief systems & effect current daily health patterns.

Once again, you may find some to be helpful, but others may actually be blocking current goals. This holds true for past experiences or beliefs, as well as those you may have already placed in future files. This is called future pacing & can work for you or against you. Later on in the thoughtWARE Workshop, you will find an entire chapter dedicated to working with your past & future time-line.

The subconscious mind library is vast & filled with tremendous resources, ready for you to access when you know how to do so. As you are well aware, everything is not positive, but do know that everything is useful. Interactive self-hypnosis will help you to disassociate & to enter your editing mind-set. You are now ready to become the writer, director & producer of your life. As you become better & better at becoming aware, locating areas for re-programming & having your desires designed in the special image & emotional format that is clearly understood by your subconscious mind, you are ready to change course, right in the moment.


I invite you to look over my shoulder, as I help workshop participants & clients in my office. This will give you an opportunity to see the above learning in action.

John: I think I understand what is past & what is not. I'm quite clear about what I don't want. Why doesn’t my subconscious mind know the difference & respect this?

Remember the earlier Workshop entries on Brain Cloud? John doesn't seem to be aware of his responsibility in forming his Brain Cloud from the images he plays in his mind. He is also not aware of the personal power he has in respect to what he is currently experiencing in his life.

The subconscious mind does not judge & simply takes the most current mind pictures as the goal.. Like radar, it attracts like experiences from the outside world & also from the subconscious mind library. This is goal reinforcement. The more frequently you play a particular mind program, whether you want it or not, the stronger the mind etching. This is how habits & fully-designed negative mind programs are constructed.

Let's go ahead & design an automatic mind program that will pre-instruct your subconscious mind to diminish a negative thought & replace it with a positive- goal-orientated program. This will all be orchestrated under the direction of your Inner Assistant or Coach.

Relax deeply into the moment....take your time. Locate your mind screen & place an image of something you don't want on the screen. Now dim it, just as if you turned the lights off. You can also diminish it........shrink it way back until it completely disappears. The mind screen is clear now, waiting for an active image of what you do want. Make it truly great & infuse it with positive excitement & expectation. Notice your "inner assistant" is making notes about this re-programming. Ask your "assistant" to find any & all similar programs & do the same.

John's mind programs are quite negative & have come to readily infect other areas of his life. A good example is his problem with boredom. He was actually surprised to identify this negative mind-state , because his job has some exciting aspects. But not all aspects were exciting. There is no job that I know about that is completely free of drudgery. As John investigated his work-related-boredom on his mind-screen, from the position of an "interested observer", he admitted through a veil of shame that he was also bored with fathering, being a husband, a neighbor & even sometimes being a friend. He feels so bad that in his own words, he feels like running away.

John needs to work within these images....diminishing what he doesn't want & editing-in what he prefers, even though these things are not happening right now. Remember, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination & reality & so it will take the new "emotionalized images" & develop an action plan for bringing them to John's reality. John will also ask his "inner assistants" to keep him aware of old behaviors & patterns, so he can bring them to his mind-screen & then edit them.

This blog is the workshop for thoughtWARE Books. The series includes Help.....My Life is Killing Me - Lifestyle Change Made Easy, Beyond Disorderly Eating & Bingeing, Holistic Weight Loss , Sugar....the Hidden Addiction, Nail Biting & Skin Picking & Small Change - The Power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. At the present time I am seeking an agent and/or publisher.

4 Steps to Lifestyle Change

As you work to examine your daily life through the lens of heightened awareness you may be very shocked at what you find. You are not alone, for most of the day we are all lost in automatic pilot programs, fired off by emotions that are often toxic to both our mind & body. To make matters worse, we are often unfamiliar with the other "happenings" that can cause us to produce stress chemicals. While these can be conscious, many are not & so we need special tools to encourage the subconscious mind to let us see them. Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

In order to change things around, both consciously & subconsciously it takes a new way of looking at things. Some areas that need looking into appear small & even insignificant on the surface. Those labels are, of course, personally attached. When I assess patients in my office, they often answer my detective questions in an off-handed way, as if what I was asking them was somehow ridiculous in context to the problem that brought them to my office.

Meet Mike ...

When I met Mike he was about 350 pounds & had a body fat percentage that ran off the charts that I use for calculating. He had made an appointment to stop smoking only because he was terribly short of breath & that frightened him. He hadn't seen a physician in several years because he didn't want to hear what he knew his doctor would say to him. There was also the embarrassment of being too big for the scale & having to hear the nurse tell him this. He was ashamed & felt guilty. All he wanted from me was to help him stop smoking.

Unfortunately Mike knew very little about what he needed to get healthy. I began by measuring him, so I could figure his lean body mass & body fat percentage. I truly believe if Mike wasn't such a nice guy, he would have bolted out the door my office. Instead, he listened to what I had to say, even though he didn't want to hear it.

Like most smokers, Mike had terrible eating habits & actually wasn't eating sufficiently for his lean body mass. He was only eating one meal per day & felt that was sufficient because he had "plenty of fat to burn." He was making a huge mistake & a good part of his smoking was connected to his food stress issues.

Mike told me that he wasn't ready to manage his eating issues & preferred to just stop smoking, but I explained to him how they were linked & then went on to teach him what he needed to know.


Next came the 4 step plan that Mike placed in Interactive Self-Hypnosis with my help. Mike was now on his way, not only to stop smoking, but to burn fat as well as to change other stressors in his life.

We climb these steps each & every day, in fact many times a day. The more you learn to climb under a variety of circumstances, the better for you. We actively work to build a new self-discipline mindstate called consistency.

Those who become the most consistent win in all departments, for consistency finds it's way into many different areas of life.

The steps lead us to a healthy mind & body.

They help us to build a healthy & consistent homeostasis or balanced body physiology.

They help us manage addictions & other excesses while inviting us to open & work without our very own inner creative mind space.

In order for to Mike become a permanent non-smoker & to bring his body back to health, he needed to heighten awareness throughout his day to keep his body from over-producing stress hormones. Next his work was to employ the 4 steps over & over until they became a backdrop for his daily life. This is a new & relatively effortless way to learn.

Mike was waking up to the small, moment to moment details of his life performance, that in the past had been leading him down some pretty dangerous roads. Once he woke up to a particular moment, he was able to take the very same tools of Interactive Self-Hypnosis & change course.

Subconscious Mind Work Image -

Heightened awareness or being able to wake up & pay attention to small details occurring in your life is vital to lifestyle change success. Imagine for a moment that you are a journalist & asked to visit a distant land where you were to closely observe & report back your findings. As a respected reporter you know that your research would require very close attention to even the smallest of details. You would make certain that you were very ready to do the best job. Your readiness would include a good plan for observation & detailed attention to what you needed in the way of supplies, etc.

Your experience would remind you that attention to personal needs was also important. Things such as good nights sleep, a sustaining breakfast to keep blood sugar levels balanced & other special needs would be mapped out. You would make certain to keep caffeine at a minimum & know where to access water & the bathrooms. All of these factors would play a big part in a successful work assignment. Here you are practicing heightened awareness & future pacing, both tools of interactive self-hypnosis.

The Library of the Mind

All lifestyle change begins inside the subconscious mind library. It is here that all review & decision for change takes place. So let's not spend another moment just talking about it, for what is talk without action.....Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

I'm going to present this material to you in Interactive Self-Hypnotic Imagery. It's easy to this. Simply decide to relax deeply into the chair where you are sitting. Pretend that magnets are gently pulling you down. Now image a big golden egg around you & your chair. You are now separate from anything & everything else. You are in your own private place on the face of the earth & it is from this place that you will begin to explore & change what calls to be changed. Now go ahead & continue reading.........taking your time.

The library of your mind is vast. You began collecting subconscious experiences & corresponding belief coats in the beginning of your life, even though you cannot consciously remember these. All coats & experiences, old or new, big or small can hold important information & keys to your success, as well as reasons for past failures.

You may have a desire or tendency to rush through this kind of self-detective work. Perhaps you even recognize this as a past behavioral trait of yours. This is a good example of Heightened Awareness. You may have uncovered an unhealthy source that leads to procrastinating or self-blocking. When you spot these tendencies, pretend that they are colored child-blocks, labeled with their name. Place them in a pile over there.

While it's just fine to scan through the thoughtWARE Book material to become familiar, don't fall into the trap of hurrying & not doing the detailed detective work. You will be cheating yourself & taking away from the quality of what you are capable of doing & perhaps even taking you down past roads of failure.

There is no easy road when looking to achieve high level health & optimum performance. If it were, more people would be experiencing it. This program offers you the opportunity to see & address your short & long falls, as well as your potential. As you build your commitment to this self-development work, you probably will want to review this area more than once so as to build on the already presented memories.

You probably know plenty of people who want to change something, but simply can’t figure out how or when to get started. Somehow it never seems to be the right time. Excuses abound that keep them engaged in procrastination. Perhaps you have had this personal experience & are wondering right in this moment if you can do this. This is another colored child-block called "doubt". It usually accompanies "lack of self-confidence." Do know that this time it will be different than before, because I’m going to help you get started & find your balance. In fact, you are already in the process because you are reading this.

It’s said that when a rubber band is stretched, it never returns to it’s original position, & so with reading material such as this. The actual process of reading engages your right brain, or subconscious mind & so inner motivators are already etching. Notice if you can sense them.

Throughout this inner detective work you will be activating the different areas with a light application of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Managing health issues, addictions or getting to the heart of any problem involves the act of beginning. You must commit & step onto the merry-go-round of life. Life does not stand still & wait for you. So reach out & grab on to the golden ring. The ring is the catalyst for moving you out of procrastination & into the action of the merry-go-round of life. That's all you have to do.

Take a moment to relax deeper than before..... & just as if you were looking in a big filing cabinet, find the folder that contains your current lifestyle patterns. As your mind scans the material, notice that some appear familiar, but others may not be quite so clear. While you think you know yourself & how you spend your time, you are about to find out that you know less about yourself than you thought. That is because a good part of your day is spent in a very limited conscious state known as low-level awareness, or automatic pilot I call this is day-sleep walking, a form of automatic self-hypnosis.

There are many areas of lifestyle behaviors that are on automatic pilot. The areas in the box represent only a few. Perhaps you never thought about your behaviors or emotions in this way, but only by doing so is it possible to examine the behavioral tangents & then to ask the subconscious mind for help in changing these.

As you follow what I suggest, allow the images to form in your mind's eye. For example, it helps to imagine that each automatic pilot area has a separate folder in your subconscious mind. As you work with your personal assessment, you will be opening these folders & researching the many aspect of the automatic pilot programming. Some aspects may need to be deleted, changed or mind-edited in some way. Other parts may appear to be fine, but it's a good idea to review these anyway. Your subconscious librarian or inner coach may have suggestions to make these even better than before.

We all tend to think within certain boundaries & unfortunately when we do so, our innate creativity can be curtailed. Practice allowing your mind to open & flow. Each time you encourage creative thinking, your subconscious mind will apply this to other areas of your life. Very soon you will find yourself doing so on automatic pilot & this is a great creative self-gift.

While automatic pilot has some benefits, it also has drawbacks. When you are not fully awake you give up your rights to observe, assess & manage your choices. Instead, you are automatic programming in relationship to the goal in your mind, for whatever is in your mind is indeed a goal. For example, brushing your teeth is an automatic mind program. Most of the time you don't pay attention to where the brush is going & how well it is doing it's job. Suppose that you have a tendency to over-brush & injure your gums. This type of continuous abrasion can lead to some serious gum problems, so it becomes important for you to be be very awake during this self-care activity.

You are currently in the process of reviewing & perhaps editing lifestyle behaviors. Some of you may be managing addictions including sugar & its nicotine & alcohol partners. You may have disorderly eating patterns or other chronic stressors. Some of your automatic programs may be blocking your goals for a healthy life now & in the future, actually locking you in failure.

You may be wearing a belief coat that no longer fits or one that you never wanted in the first place. Perhaps it was given to you by someone who truly didn't want to succeed & imposed this on you. Keep in mind the Inner Mind Screen & Brain Cloud. Each time you reinforce any failure program, your subconscious mind sees this failure as your goal & the next time you will find it even easier to fail.

This personal assessment helps you self-organize both consciously & subconsciously. You will be evaluating your needs, both present & future, as well as viewing your weaknesses with the tool of detachment, allowing you to see without self-judgment, shame, blame & guilt. Here you will be uncovering the obvious, as well as your hidden resources known as resilience. You will be learning how to utilize these as stepping-stones for health, growth & development. Through the detachment tools you will be re-examining your past successful inner motivation programs, preparing them for current use.

Opening & Clearing the Mind Space

Living in disorder or addiction is like existing in a room without air or light. It's time to change things...
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The workshop is crowded despite the heavy summer rains. I'm always surprised at how motivated people can be at this level. I know it's because they secretly hope the answers they seek will be found within a different set of walls. As I look around the room it is obvious who has a weight issue, but there are others here as well......most likely compulsive or emotional eaters, probably wondering if there will ever be any answer for them as their lives have been crazy from the very beginning.

I take a centering breath & look forward to telling the truth...

The knowledge you will receive here tonight will help you to understand why you couldn't lose weight or manage your compulsions in the past. It will assist you to healthy weight management & high level health from now on forward...

It doesn't matter how many times you have failed in the past or how bad things seem on the surface...

You hold the power to succeed if you are willing to apply this knowledge consistently...

You hold the power to manage your emotions if you choose to do so...

Your motivation will increase as you offer hot desire images to your own subconscious mind...

As you practice these things on a daily basis all facets of your life can change. Everything & anything is possible...


Most of us live in the state of self-imposed hypnosis or auto-pilot. Thoughts speed through the mind programming the moments, taking us towards goals that we might not even want. Beliefs are etched & then re-etched. Some are helpful, but others are not, the latter acting as negative reinforcers.

My workshop group is only vaguely familiar with what I'm sharing with them. I decide to take them to the alpha state where it will be easier to clean out old programs & then plant new learning. It's easy to deeply relax, especially when someone else is directing the action. This is accomplished through the sound of my voice & specialized images. It feels good & everyone follows easily.

Enjoy a deep yawn breath through the bottom of your feet.... inviting it to travel slowly through your need to hurry or rush.....& when the breath finds the inside of your mouth....hold it there for the count of four..... & when four arrives allow the breath to exit through the valves on the ends of your fingers.......deflating just like a balloon at the end of a party. And now.....let's draw some circles around parts of your body......any color you like.......& as you do this, the body cells will float apart from each little islands making more space for beautiful blue water to surround them. Circle around your head.......neck.....shoulders right & left.....connected arms......leaving good space for your fingers to wiggle.......& now your chest.....lower abdomen......legs right & for your toes ..... upper back....lower back.

Now place a large golden egg shape around you.....relax into this.....knowing this is your private place on the face of the earth. Tilt your eyes up about twenty degrees......locate your mind-screen..... ready now to clean & clear your mind.

The group begins sharing the things they are cleaning. I've heard them all before, but they are flavored differently because the owners are different. Secret eating behaviors, places to binge, lack of self-care, signs of depression, anxiety, fear of much failure.. bad relationships, abuse from others, abuse from Self. Uncomfortable memories, some originating in childhood, others a part of more recent experiences. Plenty of pain, both physical & emotional. out. A good time for some light regression. Notice that magnets are pulling you deeper into the chair........only as deep as you like.....sense & enjoy the deepness. Attention to your mind screen. Noticing that you can go back in time.....take it by decades.......nothing major....just some weeds to pull & areas to clean & clear.

Now we have available space to program new changes. Most participants need a new or full discipline for managing lifestyle behaviors. I will include the food related areas including choice of foods & beverages, planning, preparing, timing of meals & portion sizes. The exercise area is over there, next to the stress release area. Motivators are abundant....some positive & some negative. Both work well. Participants can choose what their subconscious mind seems to prefer.

There is the "knowledge center" where I'll mentor hypnotically on why it is necessary to pay attention to all of these details. Here they will learn about reactive hypoglycemia & hyperinsulinemia.... big words that tell of the dangers of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity & other chronic diseases. I'll introduce them to the chronic disease area that includes GERD, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis & a host of others.

Hypnosis gives us the opportunity to travel far in a short amount of time, clearing the mind of debris & programming for what we want. After the break we'll go into the discipline center, try some experiences on for size & then meet up with our "emotional-child-self."