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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oh no.....Let Go!

This truly wasn't my subject choice for the BlogAlong Workshop today, but sometimes life simply leads in a different direction. And so, I find myself addressing "letting go" & the many areas in which we need to apply this, some of them imposed & not chosen.


Letting go is a phrase we hear frequently. Other people tell us to do it, but when we ask how to actually "do it", no one really seems to be able to tell us. In the past I would ask directly, "give me an example of how you actually let go of something & please be very specific." The answers were usually quite vague & unfortunately not very helpful.

Letting go is all about releasing. Think for a moment about the many things you release during the day. Actually, we spend a good part of our day releasing or letting go of things. For those of you who are following the Workshop, I'd like you to write a list of things you have already let go of today. The list might be a bit amusing, but the point of this exercise is to understand the concept of truly letting go.

Now, you might say that this is not very useful, because most of the things on the list are concrete, while the difficulty of letting go is usually in intangible areas such as relationships, emotions, thoughts & behaviors. While this is certainly true, remember that we are working with the subconscious mind on our mind-screen & so we can actually benefit from something as simple as "dropping a pen" or "putting down a coffee cup."

In short, when you choose to handle a problem or improve the quality of a life or even death experience, it is a means of creating a change in your habitual long-term response to a stressful situation.

This week I had to teach releasing techniques to a young woman who is dying, to a teen who is dangerously addicted to alcohol, as well as to a child who literally becomes mute when called on in class. There was also a woman who was leaving her husband & had to release some of her fear about going forward with the details of the divorce. I also had some of my own releasing work to do, the most difficult one being working with the young woman I mentioned above. Death & dying are big personal issues of mine that go way back to my early childhood when my father was killed in an automobile accident. It's amazing how the body sensations come forward from those long ago mind files, but they do & they hurt.


Some of us find this easier than others, but we can all get better at it, even myself. Each time we're asked to address our own issues, we can re-etch or edit our mind programs that include the emotional components that lead to the way we actually feel or sense our mind & body. The more we practice, the more proficient we become. Part of our work focuses on awareness & part on deep relaxation in that very moment of awareness. Once wse perform these two vital steps, we are free to utilize our subconscious mind & then to put whatever we want in place. I was telling someone this week about the importance of grieving in a healthy way. Many of us have work to do in that department, because grieving often leads us towards our favorite addictions.

We learn best by becoming aware of our efforting or not wanting to release or let go on small issues. Large It is just like skidding. Learn to turn the wheels with the skid & not fight against it. Learn to go with the problem to regain your emotional balance. Allow yourself to relax into the problem & place the problem on your mind screen.

Diminish it visually & now ask your subconscious mind to bring forth answsers to help you with this issue. You may receive them in the moment or later, but you will receive them. Whenever asking your subconscious mind for answers, be certain to spend quiet time that day, so you can receive the answers. Your subconscious mind cannot connect with you when you are in a highly emotional or run-away brain state.

Practice mental judo. The practice of judo teaches the student how to counter physical force directed against the person by a maneuver that at firs seems like yielding, but which is actually a disarming protective device. Mental judo leaves you steady & balanced in the face of confrontation. I suggest you practice exercises for focus & flexibility to implant these skills in your subconscious library. There are many different ways to do this & I'll be happy to help you choose the best way for you. Just send me an email.

Learn to let go of emotional intensity. You can use the pie technique here. If you are super frightened or angry, take your relaxing breath, go to your mind screen & show your mind the pie. You will change your body physiology almost immediately. When we do this, the mind clears.

The most important part of our work is to be in emotional control. We are no longer forced to respond automatically to someone pushing our anger button, or any other button. Having release, or being able to let go, allows us to be able to wait out the situation instead of letting it get you down. This is not a matter of surrendering to the other person, but instead you have placed yourself in your very own focused power-state of mind where you are in control & this is a very good place to be.

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